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Set up a Restaurant in Croatia

Set up a Restaurant in Croatia

Croatia is a preferred touristic destination that can be explored to the maximum by individuals focused on gaining profits in the tourism sector. Besides opening a hotel or a travel agency, one can also set up a restaurant in Croatia, in the main cities with sea exits, but also in the rest of the towns in the country. With the necessary licenses and permits required by the local legislation, you can open your restaurant. Our Croatian company formation agents are at your disposal with details and assistance if you want to set up a restaurant in Croatia or any other type of business.

Main steps in opening a restaurant in Croatia

Entrepreneurs in Croatia, whether nationals or from overseas have the possibility to develop their businesses in the food industry in the country. Opening a restaurant can be the proper start because this business can address to both clients served in the location, but also for delivery purposes. With an easy incorporation process, it is suggested to choose the limited liability company

(Drustvo s Ogranicenom Odgovornoscu) in Croatia which is subject to a minimum share capital of EUR 2,500 and at least one shareholder – a company or an individual. Please keep in mind that for setting up a restaurant in Croatia, a construction license is mandatory if you want to build the location instead of renting one, a matter where our specialists in company incorporation in Croatia can help.

Licenses and permits for your restaurant in Croatia

Planning a business in the food industry regards observing several rules and regulations an entrepreneur should consider. For example, if the plans for the restaurant have been accepted by the authorities, a construction permit is necessary, in compliance with the Construction Law and the requirements of the Croatian Ministry of Construction. As a recommendation, one can consider renting a place for the future business, if he/she wants to start the activity in a fast manner.

Regardless of the chosen method, we remind you that utility companies will also issue licenses and permits for your restaurant in Croatia. Additionally, a permit for selling alcohol must be obtained, alongside the health and safety permits, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the chosen municipality for business.

The planning of a company must also include accounting services so that it aligns with the requirements of current legislation. Starting from this aspect, we can recommend the support offered by our accountants in Croatia, with rich experience in the field. We can take care of the formalities related to tax advice, registration, and compliance, in addition to bookkeeping, payroll, and submission of annual financial statements.

Please get in touch with our Croatian team of company incorporation representatives if you want to open a restaurant in Croatia or any other type of business.