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Establish a Franchise Business in Croatia

Establish a Franchise Business in Croatia

The franchising system increased significantly on an international plan and it is recognized as a suitable business form which involves in many cases low investments which can be returned in a short period of time. Croatia makes no exception and aligns with the demands on the market, giving full support to those who want to make money on their own but not starting a company from zero. If you are a foreigner interested in establishing a franchise business in Croatia, or if you want to know how a company can be incorporated, we suggest you talk to one of our specialists in company formation in Croatia. With complete support in documents matters, our consultants can help entrepreneurs start the activities in a fast and reliable manner.

Conditions to open a franchise in Croatia

When deciding to open a franchise in Croatia, one should choose the type of business it presents the most interest. For example, there are two ways in which a franchise can be registered in Croatia:

  •     opening a local franchise;
  •   establishing a franchise of a brand from abroad, including from the home country.

franchise in Croatia respects the main provisions of the Civil Code and Company Act and it can be easily incorporated. This kind of business is established with complete support offered by the franchisor to the franchisee, meaning that the marketing strategy, help in choosing the location, the pricing system, and details about how the brand can be used in a successful manner are only a few of the conditions that come with it. The initial investment comprises the equipment and the initial stock which is granted by the franchisor and also stipulated by the franchise agreement, a mandatory document part of the business. Whether you would like to open a franchise or any type of company in Croatia, it is suggested to ask for guidance and information, in order to understand the terms in which a business can be conducted. Our Croatian company formation agents are here to guide you throughout the entire registration process of a company in Croatia.

The franchise agreement in Croatia

The franchise business in Croatia can be settled with the help of a contract that comprises complete details about the franchisee, the franchisor, the rights of using the license, the investments involved, the royalties or fees that need to be paid, information about how to promote the business and many more.

Interested in payroll in Croatia? Our accounting specialists can provide you with the necessary support in this endeavor. Calculating and paying salaries in a company are procedures that can be successfully managed by our accountants. You will thus have the guarantee that you only benefit from the services you need for your company. In addition, it is much more advantageous to outsource these services, due to great costs. Please contact our team and discover the personalized offers.

Guidance in this matter and supervision can be offered by our team of company formation representatives in Croatia. Please contact us for complete support.