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Working in complete transparency and trust should be written on the business card of any law firm or business consulting company, like in the case of Law Firm ZBA. International investors can rely on the support of lawyers at Law Firm ZBA.

Vlad Cuc, director of Bridgewest (bridgewest.eu

BridgeWest attentively selects its partners and collaboratosrs, andLaw Firm ZBA in Croatia makes no exception. Their team of professionals can help foreigners properly start a business in Croatia.

Francesco Dagnino, Partner of Lexia Avvocati


Starting a company in Croatia can be difficult since it involves such complex procedures. The team from CompanyFormationCroatia.com is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area. I would definitely recommend them to any entrepreneur decided to start his own business here.

Attorney at Law Mihai Cuc at MHC Law Firm


Incorporating a company in Croatia might be subject to a series of formalities a foreigner needs to pay attention to. This is where Law Firm ZBA can provide complete legal advice and support, in a professional manner for both domestic and international entrepreneurs.

Valeri Bendianishvili, lawyer and managing partner at Business Setup Georgia LLC (companyformationgeorgia.com

If you would like to start a business in Croatia with the help of an experienced team, Law Firm ZBA can be the ideal support for you, as their team of lawyers act in a very professional manner. Efficiency and professionalism are among the qualities of attorneys at Law Firm ZBA.

Jakub Chajdas – attorney-at-law at CGO Legal Counseling (lawyerspoland.eu