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Residency by Investment in Croatia

Residency by Investment in Croatia

Croatian residency by investment comes with a series of benefits that can be explained by one of our Croatian company formation agents. The process of obtaining residency in Croatia can be attentively overseen by our specialists who can also help foreigners start a business in this country.

 Quick Facts  
Nationalities accepted (EU/Non-EU) EU and non-EU citizens

Business investment option (YES/NO)


Real estate investment option (YES/NO)


Other investment options (if available) Starting a business with a minimum share capital of EUR 25,000
Living requirement in Croatia (YES/NO)


Residence or direct citizenship option

Residency through company formation or property purchase

Direct immigration with family members (YES/NO)


Family members allowed to join the program

– parents,

– grandparents,

– children

Residence visa/citizenship processing time (approx.) 

Around 1 month

Additional financial requirements for family members (YES/NO) No
Timeframe for obtaining citizenship/residency by investment

Around 2 years

Dual citizenship permitted (YES/NO)  


Reasons to choose Croatia

– safety,

– work-life balance,

– multiple business opportunities,

– great taxation system

Personal income tax rate

– 20% for incomes up to EUR 47,000

– 30% for incomes exceeding EUR 47,000

Visa free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries) Around 137

Who can obtain residency by investment in Croatia in 2024?

EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA citizens can apply for residency by investment in Croatia, following a few important requirements, such as:

  1. The main step for Croatian residency by investment is to open a business in this country.
  2. A limited liability company (DOO) is the proper business choice for foreign entrepreneurs in Croatia.
  3. Two important regulations are investing at least EUR 25,000 and hiring at least 3 workers from Croatia.
  4. Registration for taxation in Croatia is required.

Once the business is established in Croatia, the application for a residence permit is required, and the above-mentioned rules enter the discussion. Croatian residency by investment and the general conditions imposed for 2024 can be discussed with one of our company formation specialists in Croatia.

Persons living in a common law marriage, spouses, children, parents, and grandparents can be part of the application for residency by investment in Croatia in 2024. You must consider if there are fees to be paid for each member of the family.

Many foreigners decide on Croatian Golden Visa application, due to its benefits. Among these, the most appreciated are the advantageous tax exemptions. On the other hand, Croatia is highly appreciated for its economic stability, especially now as a new Schengen Area member.

Below is an infographic that might help you when applying for residency by investment in Croatia:

Gaining permanent residency in Croatia

Permanent residency in Croatia is gained after living at least 5 years in the country. This is the main requirement for obtaining such an important status. Plus, foreigners living in Croatia for more than 5 years can also apply for citizenship and benefit from the advantages that come in this direction. The important thing to consider in this matter is that Croatia allows dual citizenship. You are invited to talk to our specialists and find out more about Croatia residency by investment and about how to obtain citizenship.

In the case of Australian citizens, they can buy a property in Croatia if they already have a temporary residence. Specific conditions might be imposed for other categories of citizens interested in residency by investment in Croatia.

Below is a video presentation with information on residency by investment in Croatia:

Investment requirements for non-EU citizens in Croatia

Citizens from non-EU countries must prove that have shares of over 51% in a company in Croatia, to apply for the golden visa. This is an important rule that must be considered at the time of application. The requirements for obtaining Croatian residency by investment for EU citizens can be explained by our specialists.

Criteria to qualify for incentives in the Republic of Croatia

Entrepreneurs registered in the Republic of Croatia can access incentive measures by meeting specified minimum investment thresholds in fixed assets. These thresholds include €50,000 for micro-enterprises, €150,000 for small, medium-sized, and large businesses, €50,000 for centers developing information and communication systems and software, €3,000,000 for investment projects based on the economic activation of inactive assets owned by the Republic of Croatia, and €500,000 for projects aimed at modernizing and increasing the productivity of business processes. 

To qualify for these incentives, entrepreneurs must create a minimum number of new jobs corresponding to their investment category. The initial investment aid is calculated as a percentage of the investment value based on eligible costs, which include tangible and intangible assets or two years of gross salary. Furthermore, entrepreneurs must commit to maintaining the investment and newly created jobs for a minimum period, with larger enterprises required to uphold investments for five years and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises for three years, or not less than the period for utilizing the incentive measures. You can open a company in Croatia with the help of our specialists and also understand its regulations. 

If your company needs professional assistance in managing its tasks, we extend an invitation to avail the services of our company formation agents in Croatia. Whether you require the expertise of accountants or other specialized professionals, our team provides tailored solutions to meet your needs effectively. Our accountants in Croatia deliver high-quality services and ensure that you receive comprehensive support in navigating the complexities of business operations in this country.

Investment opportunities in Croatia

If you are planning to get Croatian residency by investment, please find some of the investing opportunities in this country: 

  • Croatia offers enticing tax incentives, boasts double taxation agreements with numerous countries, and is integrated into the EU’s single customs area.
  • Prominent sectors for international investors in Croatia include: IT, tourism, manufacturing, food industry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, engineering, agriculture, energy, and textile. To acquire Croatian permanent residency by investment, you can seek more information from our agents. 
  • Communication with locals is seamless, aiding in market understanding and product placement, a critical element for foreign investors.
  • Upon obtaining the golden visa, you will also have the privilege of unrestricted travel within the European Union, Asia, and the United States.

If you have questions about Croatian permanent residency by investment, we offer comprehensive assistance. Consult our company incorporation consultants in Croatia for making an investment in this country. With their help, you can also set up a company in Croatia without unnecessary delays. 

A short guide for opening a business in Croatia

As previously stated, one method to obtain Croatian residency through investment involves establishing a business within the country. Here’s how you can initiate the process of starting a company in Croatia.

The limited liability company is a popular business structure in Croatia, known as DOO. This can be set up with a minimum share capital of EUR 2,500, deposited in national currency, or in a local bank account. The registration formalities are simple and the Articles of Association are the documents that stand at the base of the company formation in Croatia. In terms of management, at least one director or president is required for a DOO in Croatia, regardless of nationality, whether Croatian or from abroad.

One must verify the business name with the Trade Register and see if it can be used. As soon as the documents are approved, the company needs to be registered for taxation. Please feel free to talk to our company formation agents in Croatia and find out more about how to start a business and about Croatia residency by investment.

Residence based on property ownership in Croatia

If you’re considering living in Croatia for up to a year and have the means to invest in a property, obtaining residence based on property ownership could be an appealing option. Article 57 of the Foreigner’s Act delineates the criteria for non-EU/EEA (third-country) citizens to acquire a temporary residence in Croatia through property ownership

It’s important to note that employment within Croatia is not permitted for individuals holding this type of residence permit. Furthermore, this permit is not renewable consecutively; however, applicants are eligible to reapply. To qualify, the property must be designated for residential use, and the applicant is required to reside in it. Importantly, there is no minimum purchase price stipulated for eligibility. It’s crucial to understand that temporary residence based on the ownership of a Croatian property does not contribute towards achieving permanent residence status in Croatia.

Besides temporary residence, if you are planning to apply for permanent residence in Croatia by investment, our agents are here to assist you. 

Documents for permanent residence permit in Croatia

Permanent residence can be obtained after living at least 5 years in Croatia without interruptions. Having enough funds to sustain living and family in Croatia, health insurance, and knowledge of the Croatian language and culture are among the requirements for a permanent residence permit in Croatia. If you believe you want to know more about Croatia residency by investment are invited to talk to one of our specialists in Croatia. Our team can tell you more about the regulations for 2024.

Statistical data about investments in Croatia

Before embarking on the journey of starting a company in order to obtain residency by investment in Croatia, it is prudent to assess its economic landscape thoroughly. This step ensures informed decision-making and enhances the chances of success. Here are some interesting facts and figures about Croatia’s FDI and GDP:

  • Total FDI inflows reached USD 3.67 billion in 2022, as per UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2023;
  • Also in 2022, the sectors that received the most FDI were: financial services (25%), manufacturing (17%), real estate (16%), wholesale and retail trade (14%), ICT (7%), and tourism (4%), etc;
  • As per the projections by the European Commission for 2024, Croatia’s GDP is anticipated to maintain a steady growth rate of 2.5%. This growth is anticipated to be fueled by heightened private consumption, increasing wages, and investments from EU funds.

Considering the statistics provided above, if you are interested in Croatian residency by investment, consult our specialists. 

Also, note that our agents specialize in providing comprehensive assistance with payroll in Croatia. From calculating employee salaries to ensuring compliance with local regulations and tax laws, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of payroll administration.

Please feel free to contact our team of company formation agents in Croatia and find out all the legal aspects.