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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Croatia

Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Croatia

Even if digital currency is not issued by the central bank and is not implicitly linked to the currency available, Croatia is permissive when it comes to cryptocurrency. Therefore, the use of virtual currency is allowed, without specific legislation, and those interested can open a cryptocurrency company in Croatia. Find out from the following lines some formalities in this regard and get in touch with our company formation agents in Croatia for more details.

Do I need a crypto license in Croatia?

Normally, a crypto exchange license is required to open a cryptocurrency company in Croatia, and among the formalities we mention:

  1. It all starts with the registration of a company, and the limited liability company in Croatia is the most popular structure.
  2. The company must have a legal address in Croatia.
  3. A minimum capital deposit of approximately EUR 2,700 is required.
  4. The authorization issued by the Croatian Financial Services Supervision or HANFA in Croatia is needed.
  5. The applicants or owners of the new company must present a clear criminal record that certifies that they have not been involved in money laundering crimes.
  6. Normally, a crypto exchange license in Croatia can be issued within a maximum of 3 months from the date of application.

The advantages of a cryptocurrency company in Croatia

Once a crypto exchange license is issued in Croatia, you can carry out activities related to digital currency. This license comes with several advantages:

  • Cryptocurrency can be stored, sold, or transferred by holders.
  • A cryptocurrency exchange is allowed on various platforms in Croatia.
  • cryptocurrency company in Croatia is not prohibited from carrying out its activities on the territory of the European Union.
  • It is allowed to collaborate both with people interested in virtual currency, but also with financial entities from this sector.
  • Anti-money laundering legislation protects businesses of this kind against these types of crimes.

If you want to apply for a crypto exchange license in Croatia, we invite you to contact our specialists. Our company formation agents in Croatia are at your disposal with help and guidance to be able to open a cryptocurrency company in Croatia.

What other formalities are needed to open a cryptocurrency company in Croatia?

In addition to obtaining a crypto exchange license in Croatia, you need to consider other aspects related to this business. For example, you must implement the necessary platforms for digital currency transactions, as well as purchase the necessary software. In order to protect your customers against fraud, you must consider the necessary protection systems and implement them in the company.

As for the workforce, you must make sure that they have the necessary knowledge in the field, as well as the experience to be able to offer services in the digital currency sector.

Considering these formalities, you can set up a cryptocurrency company in Croatia, with the help of our local agents.

Below we present some statistical data about the economy of Croatia:

  1. Around EUR 38.8 billion was the total FDI for Croatia in 2021.
  2. Austria, Holland, Germany, and Italy are the most representative foreign investors in Croatia.
  3. Bitcoin is the most widespread virtual currency in Croatia. There is already implemented payment option in this currency.

Those interested in opening a cryptocurrency in Croatia are invited to contact us. Our team of company formation agents can answer all your questions and take care of the formalities of opening a company in Croatia.