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Open an SPV in Croatia

Open an SPV in Croatia

If you want to open an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) in Croatia, you can opt for the services offered by our local agents. This structure has special characteristics and well-defined goals. But for more information about company formation in Croatia and especially the formalities for opening an SPV in Croatia, you can read the following lines and talk to our specialists.

What is an SPV in Croatia?

SPV in Croatia is often the right business structure chosen by a foreign or local company in order to establish a project or short-term goal, with minimal financial risks. Here is other information about how to open an SPV company in Croatia:

  • It can have its own balance sheet, assets, equity, and liabilities.
  • With the help of an SPV in Croatia, assets can be securitized and kept off the balance sheet of a company. It can be said that the respective company has protected assets with the help of an SPV in Croatia.
  • The best business structure for an SPV in Croatia is a limited liability company.

If company incorporation in Croatia involves establishing an SPV company in Croatia, we recommend you contact our specialists.

Best use for SPV company in Croatia

Taking into account the above aspects, if you want to open an SPV in Croatia, you should know that this is the optimal structure for the asset protection of a company. In terms of best use, an SPV is the right choice for securing receivables and/or loans. In certain cases, multiple permits and/or licenses are non-transferable, but with an SPV in Croatia, you can consolidate assets and sell them as a self-controlled package.

On the other hand, an SPV in Croatia can be created to finance a project, without affecting the parent company in terms of debt weight. Such a structure can be used in the case of infrastructure projects, for example, which, from a financial point of view, may present certain risks. There are also cases where the SPV in Croatia is established to get rid of stamp duty because the owned properties are only subject to capital gains tax. Now that you know the best use of an SPV in Croatia, you can call on the services of our specialists for more information about the procedures. We can help you open an SPV in Croatia in a fast manner.

What does tax and accounting for SPV in Croatia entail?

Our accountants in Croatia can explain the procedures involved for an SPV in Croatia. For example, there is the obligation to make annual tax filings and returns. In certain cases, a statutory audit can also be requested. As for taxes, if you want to open an SPV in Croatia, you should pay attention to the corporate tax, but you can opt for low-tax jurisdictions. You can learn more about accounting in Croatia for SPVs from our specialists. They can also tell you more about payroll in Croatia.

Making investments in Croatia

If you want to set up a company in Croatia and more precisely a special purpose vehicle, it is good to know some details about the country’s economy and business climate. The following data may be of use to you:

  • Economic growth of approximately 2.6% is expected until the end of 2023.
  • The unemployment rate was 6.5% in Croatia, according to the latest data for 2023.
  • The compact private consumption growth largely supported the development of the economy in Croatia in 2022.
  • According to estimates, real GDP in Croatia is likely to rise by around 2.5% in 2024.

Therefore, if you want to open an SPV in Croatia, we invite you to contact our specialists. You can contact us online or by phone for complete information.