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Open an IT company in Croatia

Open an IT company in Croatia

IT companies in Croatia can function through limited liability companies or DOO (Drustvo Ogranicenom Odgovornoscu) as they are known. Because the technology field is generous and offers a multitude of business opportunities, Croatia is a favorable destination for foreigners willing to generate money in this prolific and appealing sector. Our company formation agents in Croatia can help you set up an IT company in Croatia by providing assistance and complete information in this matter.

Steps in opening an IT company in Croatia

Besides establishing an LLC for an IT business in Croatia, entrepreneurs can perform such activities as sole traders. As for the documents which need to be provided to the Croatian Company Registry, the Articles of Association are the most important ones and need to contain the following:

• information about the owners;

• the business address;

• the board of directors (in case of a sole proprietorship, the owner can also be the director);

• the activities;

• the purposes of the business.

Entrepreneurs from abroad can benefit from the company formation services we can offer in Croatia, and from an easy incorporation process regardless of the selected business entity. An IT company in Croatia can offer a wide range of activities and can provide services for other companies and support the proper communication.

Types of IT activities you can offer in Croatia

Technology and innovation are nowadays part of each type of business in Croatia, a strong reason to observe the field and to set up the operations in a professional manner. IT companies can sustain the activities of your company in matters like:

• software optimization;

• helpdesk support;

• data storage;

• telecommunication;

• email support;

• cloud computing;

• system monitoring and support; 

• network services;

• internet support.

An IT company in Croatia can offer complete services for any kind of business, this way sustaining the overall productivity of a firm and preventing any tech problems. For a better understanding of how companies can be set up in Croatia, including the IT firms, please feel free to contact our Croatian team of company formation agents.