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Obtain Citizenship in Croatia

Obtain Citizenship in Croatia

Citizenship in Croatia can be obtained by foreigners who have been living for at least 5 years in this country with a legal residence status. Foreign investors who fulfill the eligibility criteria can easily obtain citizenship. As for the company registration in Croatia, we suggest you address our Croatian specialists in company incorporation.

  Quick Facts  
 Nationalities accepted Both EU and non-EU are accepted

 Legal grounds to obtain citizenship in Croatia

Through naturalization, marriage, origin, re-admission

 Formalities for citizenship by naturalization

Applicant must prove that he/she lived in Croatia for at least 8 years, present residence permit, birth certificate, clear criminal record.

Obtaining citizenship by marriage in Croatia

Documents required:

– extract from marriage registry in Croatia or country of origin if applies,

– birth certificate,

– valid passport,

– clear criminal record 

 Citizenship by investment (YES/NO)


 Miminum investment to gain citizenship in Croatia

Starting at EUR 100,000

 Family members allowed to join the program

– parents,

– children,

– grandparents in the case of citizenship by investment

Time frame to obtain citizenship by descent

Nearly 2 years

Company formation for obtaining citizenship

Opening a company in Croatia and hiring local staff can be the path for obtaining citizenship in Croatia.

Real estate investments

Applicants can purchase properties in Croatia and enter the citizenship by investment program.

 Proof of residence permit

Candidates must live at least 8 years in Croatia to apply for citizenship.

 Documents received after Croatian citizenship

– Croatian ID and passport,

– Domovnica, a document that attests you are a Croatian citizen

Dual citizenship permitted (YES/NO)

Yes, except cases of citizenship by naturalization

How can our Croatian lawyer help you?

We can manage the paperwork, explain the formalities and repesent you in front of the immigration authorities.

Reasons to relocate to Croatia 

– great business opportunities,

– appreciated healthcare system,

– great standards of living 

Investments for residency in Croatia (YES/NO)   NO

 First application for residency in Croatia

 A temporary residence permit is issued first.

 Validity of residence permit for non-EU nationals

1 year 

 Conditions to get Croatian citizenship by marriage  At least 18 years of age, living in Croatia for at least 8 years, and knowledge of the Croatian language. 
 Do I need proof of residence for Croatian citizenship by marriage application? 

 No, this rule is no longer valid.

 Conditions for special emigrants

 Simple formalities for getting citizenship in Croatia by nationals from Serbia and North Macedonia.

 Who can gain citizenship in Croatia after living one year in the country?

 Foreign citizens who are believed they can bring solid benefits to Croatia.

 Citizenship for persons born abroad and adopted

 Croatian parents can apply for citizenship based on origin.

What is citizenship based on descent? 

An option for Croatian emigrants and descendants like children, grandchildren, spouses, etc. 

 Croatian language and culture test imposed (YES/NO) YES 
 Is re-admission to Croatian citizenship possible? (YES/NO)


 Background check 

Verifications of foreign citizens interested in Croatian nationality are made by the authorities. 

 Croatian passport rank

23rd most powerful in the world 

 Can citizenship applications be rejected? 

Yes, if documents are missing or not filled in correctly. 

 Reasons to choose our law firm in Croatia Experienced team of attorneys, knowledge in immigration matters, affordable prices 

Necessary documents when applying for citizenship in Croatia

Besides the mandatory forms found at the consulate or embassy, foreigners must consider other several documents necessary for citizenship applications, such as:

  • a copy of the valid passport which contains information about the current nationality;
  • the birth certificate;
  • the residence permit for Croatia;
  • the marriage certificate, if that is the case;
  • a criminal record copy;
  • a biography which must provide your knowledge about Croatia, its culture, the language and the Latin script.

Please bear in mind that the authorities might ask for other types of documents, but these are usually announced on the official website of the ministries in charge. For support in company formation in Croatia and help offered to investors who want to obtain Croatian citizenship in 2024, you may get in touch with our company formation agents in Croatia

You can also discover an infographic on this topic:

Foreign investors and citizenship in Croatia in 2024

From the start, we mention that Croatian citizenship offers the same legal rights for both nationals and foreigners. Investors from abroad who run their activities in Croatia can solicit citizenship after five years of residence in this country and are granted permanent residence if they are married to a Croatian citizen. Before obtaining the naturalization status in Croatia, foreigners can apply for permanent residence through the Croatia Residence Investor Programme, without having to consider minimum investments.

The following video presentation comprises information about how to get citizenship in Croatia:

Citizenship in Croatia

Who is eligible for citizenship in Croatia? 

People born overseas, from Croatian parents, persons adopted by Croatian parents, and foreigners married to Croatian nationals can apply for citizenship in Croatia. Citizenship based on lineage refers to Croatian migrants and their descendants in a straight line, such as children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The good news is that there is no culture and language test involved, as established at the beginning of 2020. More details in this sense can be offered by one of our specialists. Also, foreigners interested in starting a business in Croatia in 2024 can discuss all the formalities with our team of company formation agents in Croatia

Croatia allows dual citizenship. Thus, people with dual citizenship can benefit from 2 social service systems, the possibility to live legally in one of the respective countries and to own various properties. We recommend that you talk to our specialists to learn more about citizenship in Croatia.

What is citizenship based on naturalization?

Citizenship based on naturalization comes with several conditions and involves persons who already lived in Croatia for 8 continuous years with permanent resident status. If persons no longer hold a foreign nationality, Croatian citizenship is granted. Plus, underaged children will be granted Croatian citizenship at the same time as their parents. All the provisions are stipulated by the Croatian Citizenship Act and can be entirely explained by one of our specialists. You can find out more about business in Croatia in 2024 from our specialists.

Croatian Citizenship Program allows you to apply for a second passport. Even if the dual citizenship process may seem complex, in reality, this passport can be obtained easily. You will thus be able to travel without restrictions in certain countries, including Schengen member states.

What is citizenship based on special interests in Croatia?

Citizenship through naturalization can be granted to foreigners who represent a benefit to Croatia if the government has reasons to believe so. The requirement of living for at least one year is applicable. Plus, the family members can apply for residency established on family reunification. The special interest in granting Croatian citizenship is decided by the Ministry of Interior of Croatia, alongside other important ministers. More details about these aspects can be provided by our team of specialists. You can also solicit our help if you want to start a business in Croatia.

On the other hand, you must keep in mind that knowledge of the Croatian language and culture is necessary for applying for citizenship. Even so, there is no specific test that you have to pass. However, there is a questionnaire that you can complete independently.

The citizenship application in Croatia with a few important steps

Besides the aforementioned requirements related to documents for citizenship application, the immigration authorities might solicit proof of lineage, and proof of benefits provided to Croatia if it is the case. The citizenship application process might take a while, yet, it is best to have the support of a specialized team, to make sure you skip the possible misunderstandings in matters of requirements. Plus, once the citizenship decision is made, there will be other formalities to take care of, mostly related to the new documents, such as “Domovnica” which comprises information about the acquired citizenship or your new status in Croatia. A new birth certificate will be issued, and then, a new passport needs to be solicited. 

Getting married to a Croatian national for citizenship

Citizenship in Croatia can be obtained through marriage. The legislation has been revised in 2020, and the obligation of having residence in Croatia is no longer valid. This means that it is sufficient to be married to a Croatian national to obtain citizenship. This subject can be discussed with our specialists, so make sure you send your inquiries and let us help you. Our company formation agents in Croatia are at your disposal for business registration and related aspects.

Rules related to Croatian citizenship by marriage

Croatian citizenship by marriage starts with obtaining permanent residence in this country, immediately after marriage. This status is obtained with the help of naturalization. However, there are a number of rules and formalities that must be followed in order to obtain Croatian citizenship by marriage, and among these, we mention:

  • Eligible people must be at least 18 years old to be able to apply for citizenship.
  • It must be proved that the applicant has already lived in this country for 8 years, without interruption.
  • There is no need for proof of residency after marriage to a Croatian citizen.
  • Knowledge of the Croatian language and culture will also be required.
  • Once the Croatian citizenship is received, the applicant undertakes to renounce the one from the country of origin.
  • The application for Croatian citizenship by marriage can be made at the police station from the place where the residence is registered or at the consulates. You can learn more about how to relocate to Croatia from our specialists.

We mention that all formalities can be successfully managed by our team of Croatian lawyers with experience in immigration and citizenship issues. Foreigners interested in opening a company in Croatia can also use our services because we can handle all the formalities imposed by the relevant authorities. If you want to relocate to Croatia, do not hesitate to talk to us. We can manage the process of immigration to Croatia.

Documents required for Croatia citizenship by marriage

In addition to the marriage certificate which is the most important document to present for applying for Croatian citizenship by marriage, the authorities also require a residence permit, a valid passport, a birth certificate, and a copy of the criminal record to prove that there is no criminal history.

Moreover, the authorities may provide special forms requesting other information for Croatian citizenship by marriage. As the procedures may seem complex for those who have never faced such issues, it is better to turn to immigration lawyers in Croatia for legal advice. And those interested in how to move to Croatia can call on our legal services.

In the case of persons under 21 years of age, and born outside Croatia, their registration with the local authorities in this country, respectively the Register of Citizens of the Ministry of Public Administration of Croatia through a diplomatic mission is required when applying for citizenship.

Benefits of citizenship by marriage in Croatia

Those who obtain citizenship in Croatia can enjoy the same rights as citizens born in this country. Access to free education, health services, social welfare, the right to vote are some of the advantages that come with citizenship by marriage in Croatia. In addition, there are no restrictions on the labor market or travel abroad, and Croatia is involved in the Schengen Area process.

You can learn more about the benefits of Croatian citizenship, but also about immigration to Croatia from our lawyers. We are here to represent you and offer you the best solutions.

What are the conditions for obtaining citizenship in Croatia by marriage?

People married to Croatian citizens can be good candidates for obtaining citizenship in Croatia. We remind you that along with this status, you can also obtain Croatian citizenship, which comes with various benefits. Among the formalities, we mention the following:

  • Having a permanent residence permit in Croatia is the main condition.
  • The candidate must have lived for at least 8 years in Croatia, without interruption. For information about  immigration to Croatia, you can contact our experts.
  • As in the case of naturalization, it is necessary to know the Croatian language and culture and to pass a test.
  • A birth certificate, clear criminal record, and valid passport are among the necessary documents for getting citizenship by marriage in Croatia.

We mention that we can verify and supervise the process of obtaining citizenship in Croatia, as our immigration lawyers in Croatia have experience in this field, and can also tell you details about dual citizenship in Croatia. On the other hand, those who want to move to Croatia can trust our specialists.

Citizenship in Croatia by origin is granted for newborns in this country or from Croatian parents, as stated by Articles 4 and 5 of the Nationality Law in Croatia.

Obtaining citizenship in Croatia after living one year

There is also another option for foreigners to obtain citizenship in Croatia. The Ministry of Interior can be involved in special interest cases and accept the ones for which citizenship is needed fast. Foreign nationals who represent a benefit for the country and prove they respect the laws and customs can obtain citizenship right away, after living one year through legal residence in Croatia. We remind that this represents a special case that might involve different nationalities. You are invited to get in touch with our experts and find out more about the eligibility criteria for Croatian citizenship.

Choosing our team of specialists for support

We have an experienced team of agents specialized in immigration matters like visas for Croatia, work permits, residence permits, citizenship, and many more. Foreigners living in Croatia and interested in citizenship are suggested to send their inquiries to our team and discuss the legal aspects related. Living abroad? There is no problem because our specialists can collect the required documents, handle the translations and notarization, plus review the citizenship application before submission. Do not hesitate to talk to our agents for more details.

With legal support provided by our Croatian lawyers, candidates can submit the citizenship application at a police station, considering the domicile or temporary stay. Such applications can also be submitted by our representatives in the case of people with disabilities.

Investing in Croatia in 2024

Croatia is open to foreign investments and provides the needed support for international entrepreneurs interested in doing business in this country. The food industry, tourism, pharmaceutical sector, engineering, manufacturing, textile, and ICT are among the solid and representative sectors in Croatia for which the authorities implemented a series of important measures and incentives. The skilled workforce in Croatia and the simplified process of company registration are important advantages for international entrepreneurs in this country. The following facts and figures show a few aspects of the business and economy in Croatia:

  • Around USD 30 billion was the total FDI stock for Croatia in 2019.
  • Most of the FDIs are directed to the financial services sector in Croatia.
  • 2020 Doing Business report ranks 51st out of 190 economies worldwide.
  • The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, and Germany are representative investors in Croatia and the main business collaborators.
  • The touristic potential of Croatia is impressive. There are many foreigners with businesses in the tourism sector.

FAQ about citizenship in Croatia

When can foreigners apply for citizenship in Croatia?

Foreign nationals living for at least 5 years in Croatia can benefit from permanent residence and then apply for citizenship. The entire procedure can be overseen by our specialists with experience in this field.

What are the necessary documents for a Croatian citizenship application?

A valid passport, the residence permit for Croatia, the birth certificate, and a copy of the criminal record are among the part of the required documents of citizenship in Croatia application. The authorities will also provide specific forms, and all the formalities in matters of papers can be managed by our team.

Is permanent residence required for citizenship application in Croatia?

Yes, applying for citizenship in Croatia cannot take place without having a permanent residence in this country. Such a status is normally granted after living in Croatia for at least 5 years. 

Who can apply for citizenship in Croatia?

Citizenship in Croatia can be granted for foreigners in this country if they are eligible and align with the requirements imposed by the legislation. Foreigners married to a Croatian national, persons with a Croatian parent, and even adopted children in Croatia can be eligible for citizenship. You can ask our experts and see how you can be helped.

Should foreigners provide information about the language skills for citizenship application?

There is no need for a language test as part of the citizenship application, as having a satisfactory level of spoken and written is sufficient. This is a new rule that was recently adopted by the Croatian Immigration Law.

Is dual citizenship accepted in Croatia?

No, dual citizenship is not accepted in Croatia. This means that once you give up your foreign citizenship, the Croatian one is granted. You should talk to a specialist and see how you can be helped with a Croatian citizenship application.

Can citizenship in Croatia be acquired by making investments in this country?

EUR 100,000 is the minimum investment accepted for gaining citizenship in Croatia. This is another topic you can discuss with our experts in the field.

Who managed the citizenship applications in Croatia?

The consular offices in Croatia are in charge of citizenship applications made by foreigners. Foreign citizens who want to apply for naturalization in Croatia can discuss all the details with our specialists. Moreover, if company formation in Croatia enters your attention, our agents can help.

Is a new birth certificate issued after obtaining citizenship in Croatia?

Yes, the authorities will offer a new birth certificate and a Croatian passport, once citizenship is granted to applicants.

How long does it take to become a Croatian citizen?

Candidates need to wait for a few months until the citizenship applications are accepted by the relevant authorities. The support of a specialist in immigration in Croatia is quite necessary because they have experience and can professionally manage the formalities. You can talk to us and ask for comprehensive guidance.

If you would like to know more about citizenship in Croatia, regulations imposed in 2024, and about the company incorporation in this insular state, please feel free to contact our team of advisors as soon as possible.