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Open a Travel Agency in Croatia

Open a Travel Agency in Croatia

Croatia has great openings to the Adriatic Sea and it is a point of attraction for numerous tourists in search of beautiful and apart landscapes. With well-developed tourism and varied business opportunities in this major domain, many investors from abroad decide to set up travel agencies in Croatia. About 9 billion USD have been generated in 2016 in the tourism sector in Croatia, one of the strongest reasons why investors choose to set up their activities in this country. The requirements and the preparation of the documents for opening a travel agency in Croatia are matters which can be explained and supervised by our company formation agents in Croatia.

Steps in opening a travel agency in Croatia

When a business person wants to open a travel agency in Croatia he/she must decide on the touristic packages he/she wants to offer: local destinations or international vacations. A travel agency in Croatia can be set up through a limited liability company which is a preferred business entity in the country, with a simple incorporation procedure and a minimum share capital of EUR 2,500.

Keep in mind that special licenses and permits must be obtained when opening a travel agency in Croatia, by applying with the Croatian Tourism Minister and the Institute for Tourism. Complete assistance in matters of documents or specific requests can be offered by our specialists in company formation in Croatia. With less bureaucracy, the company registration process in Croatia can be easy and ready within a few days. Here are a few important steps to bear in mind when opening a travel agency in Croatia:

  1. Drafting the Articles of Association is the next thing to do when establishing and reserving the name of the company.
  2. A bank account needs to be opened in order to deposit the minimum share capital of the company.
  3. The application for the necessary licenses and permits for a travel agency in Croatia is mandatory before establishing the activities.
  4. Registration for tax purposes, for pension funds, and social contributions is mandatory. 

Once the registration certificate of your company is issued, you may start activities as a tour operator in Croatia. Having support in matters of documents and registration is important for any foreign entrepreneur looking to start a company in Croatia. We remind that our team of company formation specialists in Croatia is at your service with information and assistance in the incorporation procedure of a travel agency in Croatia.

What kind of activities can I establish through my travel agency in Croatia?

Tour operators in Croatia can develop varied activities directed to a different type of tourists. For instance, inbound travel agencies can offer internal travel packages for local and foreign clients. Moreover, the outbound travel agencies are directed to tourists who want to travel outside Croatia. It is good to know that both kinds of activities can be developed by a travel agency in Croatia if all the conditions are respected, particularly the Company Act and the Commercial Code. You might want to observe the taxation requirements and register the company with the entitled authorities.

Do I need insurance for my travel agency in Croatia?

Yes, whether you have a small or a medium company in Croatia, it is recommended to decide on general insurance for your travel agency in Croatia. A wide range of risks is covered by general liability insurance, such as worker’s compensation, property damage, natural disasters, and many more. If you would like to sign general liability insurance for your tour operator in Croatia, do not hesitate to get in touch with our company incorporation agents in Croatia

Can I open a travel agency in Zagreb?

Yes, Zagreb, the Croatian capital is a preferred business destination for foreigners who want to start a business and register a travel agency.  It is good to know that our team of company formation specialists in Croatia is at your disposal in Zagreb if you would like to open a travel agency and act as a tour operator in this city. We remind you that you can talk to us and solicit complete support when verifying and reserving the business name, opening a bank account, drafting the documents, and registering for tax purposes. Also, we can provide you with accounting services in Zagreb if you would like to externalize such a department. You might want to direct your attention to other important cities where you can register a travel agency, like Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar, Dubrovnik or Split. Even though the requirements and the formalities for opening a travel agency in Zagreb are not that complicated, it is important to have complete support offered by professionals, such our team of company formation consultants in Croatia.

Why open a travel agency in Croatia?

Local and foreign entrepreneurs can set up travel agencies in Croatia that can perform activities as branches of foreign tour operators or as new agencies established in the country which can sell holidays with local destinations or from abroad. With a continuous development in tourism due to its great geographic location, beautiful landscapes, and deluxe accommodations, Croatia is placed on top destinations preferred by tourists worldwide. As a suggestion, your travel agency in Croatia can also offer complete packages with transportation and hotel accommodation. 

The exits to the Adriatic Sea make Croatia a representative and a preferred business destination for international investors who decide on opening travel agencies in this country. In terms of investments, there are many benefits, like no taxes on profits for up to 10 years, several tax reliefs for the reinvested profits, and complete protection offered by the double taxation agreements signed by Croatia with countries worldwide.

Creating jobs for your travel agency in Croatia and hiring local staff comes with other business advantages too and varied incentives sustained by the Croatian government who support the startups through varied platforms and measures. The Croatian labor force is also representative for abroad investors who want to start a business in Croatia and set up a travel agency in this country, and that is because half of the active population in the work field fluently speak English.

In terms of costs for your staff in the firm, it is important to know that there are lower compared to other European states. Let us remind you that you can receive complete support and information if you are a foreign investor who wants to open a travel agency in Croatia.

You have multiple business opportunities in Croatia. But to ensure that the activities of the open company comply with the required legislation, we recommend you collaborate with our accountants in Croatia and discover the services you need. We also offer support for the implementation of tax minimization methods, if you have planned such procedures in your company.

Our local company incorporation representatives in Croatia can help entrepreneurs set up travel agencies in the country, therefore, we invite you to get in touch with us and find out complete information.