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About us

Law Firm ZBA has a team of lawyers and business consultants specialized in offering a wide range of services for local and foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in doing business in Croatia. Our company is based in Zagreb (Croatia) and it provides services tailored to its international clients’ needs.

Ivan Župan is a Croatian attorney and a managing partner at Law Firm ZBA which was established in 2014 and which provides a series of services concerning local and international investors. Ivan Župan graduated the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 2011, being interested in the Commercial Law discipline. He then started doing his job as a legal trainee at several law offices in Zagreb, Croatia, and then passed the Bar examination in 2013. Together with a few attorney colleagues in Zagreb, Ivan Župan established his own law office in Zagreb, and also a branch office in Bjelovar, serving to both local and international customers.

Our affiliations

Ivan Župan is a member of the Croatian Bar Association, of Bjelovar Bar Association and of the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, the association that represents and sustains the business interests of international investors, particularly from USA, looking for business and activities in Croatia.Law Firm ZBA is also an important member of the prestigious legal portal  HG.org.

Our team

Melita Babic, an important member atLaw Firm ZBA, graduated the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 2002 and then passed the Bar examination two years later. She practiced and worked for different law offices in Croatia until she became a member of Law Firm ZBA in 2018. Melita Babic has an ample knowledge in fields like civil, enforcement, property, labor and family laws in Croatia, and can offer assistance and support for international and  domestic entrepreneurs.

Luka Antunovici graduated the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb in 2012 and passed the Bar examination in 2015. His law firm in Zagreb entered into partnership with Law Firm ZBA and Melita Babic. Luka Antunovici has an extensive experience in matters like bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy, administrative procedures, Civil Law,  Enforcement Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law in Croatia.

Our services

The local representatives of our firm are specializes in company formation in Croatia and tax consultancy. Representation of clients looking to incorporate Croatian companies or interested in related services (virtual offices in Croatia’s main cities, accounting, bookkeeping etc.) will be handled by a team of international and Croatian experts. We also offer:

  1. Financial and management consulting
  2. Tax advice and compliance
  3. Accounting/payroll/ bookkeeping services
  4. Trademark registration
  5. Mergers and acquisitions
  6. Company and business formation
  7. Support for opening a branch or a subsidiary
  8. Company registration
  9. Wealth management
  10. Company management
  11. Debt collection
  12. Legal support for bankruptcy cases
  13. Company relocation
  14. Company dissolution
  15. Company litigation
  16. Drafting copyright contracts
  17. Representation in enforcement and litigation cases
  18. Immigration matters for foreign investors.

In order to have your question answered by our specialists or set up an appointment please call our office at +385 95 9981 628. You can also contact us by email.