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Shelf Company in Croatia

Shelf Company in Croatia

Shelf companies are legal entities established by a provider and transferred to any interested businessmen. Acquiring a Croatian shelf company allows you to skip the lengthy registration and incorporation process. Also known as ready-made company, this type of entity offers you an operational bank account and the opportunity to start a business immediately. If you want to buy a shelf company, our experts in company incorporation in Croatia can assist you throughout the entire process.

 Quick Facts  
  Legal entities available for shelf company Limited liability company

Time required for purchasing the company

A few days

Types of features it includes (corporate bank account, VAT number, etc)

– bank account,

– tax number,

– legal address,

– trading name

The advantages of a shelf company

– fast purchase & ownership transfer,

– online registration,

– access to bank loans

Appointing new directors 


Capital increase allowed


Certificate of no commercial activities


Modify the objects of activity Yes
Participants in the purchase procedure Buyer (or representative) & seller
The cost of buying a shelf company   Depending on legal structure and age

What is a shelf company?

Shelf companies or ready-made companies are incorporated firms which are kept on a shelf until someone is interested in purchasing one of them for business purposes. This type of company has no operations on the market but has a history behind which sustains the credibility in front of financial institutions.

Who can buy a ready-made company in Croatia?

Any foreign or domestic entrepreneur looking to enter its activities on the Croatian market as fast as possible can decide on purchasing a shelf company. The only time to consider before you commence the activities is the time in which the ownership is transferred and the documents signed. Our company formation representatives in Croatia can provide you with assistance and guidelines if you have decided on a ready-made company.

We remind that buying a shelf company in Croatia means taking advantage of a series of benefits like a fast implementation of the business on the market, an opened bank account for your firm, and the possibility of easily accessing a bank loan if necessary. Talk to our advisors for more details, and also analyze the following infographic that explains more:


Advantages of shelf companies in Croatia

If you want to invest in the Croatian economy and think of buying a shelf company, there are several advantages that this type of business entails:

  • time efficiency – you save the time which would have been consumed with incorporating a new company;
  • improving your company’s image – a shelf company shows longevity and enhances your image with customers and lenders;
  • easier access to banking – the company has a non-trading certificate confirming that it is free of debts, judgments or liabilities;
  • easy transfer of ownership rights – according to the Company Act in Croatia, you choose the directors of the shelf company when the transfer process is done;
  • faster access to government contract binding – the Croatian laws require that a company should be in business for a specified length of time before signing contracts with the local authorities.

If you want to start a business immediately, our Croatian specialists in company registration can provide you with a wide range of shelf companies for you to choose from.

Payroll in Croatia is a necessary service for any company registered in this country. With their help, salaries in the company are calculated, brought up to date with the payment of taxes, and distributed according to the payment status. The company managers are the ones who accept the documents prepared by the accountants, before the actual payment of salaries. We invite you to contact us to find out all the details.

Below is a video presentation on shelf companies in Croatia:

How can I purchase a shelf company in Croatia?

If you decide to buy a shelf company in Croatia, these are the steps to consider:

  • find a local incorporation company and provide them with detailed information about the type of company you need. You can do this remotely or by an appointment;
  • send to the company’s representatives a copy of your valid documents (passport or a government issued ID). These documents have to be notarized before sending them. Non-EU citizens have to notarize these papers by the local Croatian consulate;
  • pay in advance the proforma invoice the incorporation company sends you;
  • sign the corporate documents that the Croatian company formation company sends you.

If Croatia is the country where you want to develop your business and enjoy consistent profits, then you should also consider the accounting legislation. Thus, our accountants in Croatia can offer you the necessary support in this endeavor, with the help of outsourced services. Bookkeeping and payroll are among the most important aspects related to accounting, and our experts can tell you more in this regard.

Why should I buy a shelf company in Croatia?

The appealing business environment makes foreign entrepreneurs decide fast on opening a company in this country by choosing to buy a ready-made company. This is the proper option for those entrepreneurs who would rather skip the formalities of registering a company in Croatia from scratch. Moreover, a shelf company is ready for business as soon as the ownership transfer takes place, without for the entrepreneur to worry about debts or liabilities in this case. A shelf company can be purchased as soon as the investor decided on the business type he/she wants to develop in Croatia.

Are there any risks when buying a shelf company in Croatia?

No, there are no risks when purchasing a ready-made company as such entities are registered just like any other company, in compliance with the applicable legislation. More than that, such a company doesn’t have registered debts, however, an entrepreneur can solicit a background check or due diligence before buying a shelf company.

Even though it is not the case, it is recommended to ask for such verification, in order to see if the accounting matters are correct or if there are any financial problems. Feel free to get in touch with our consultants and find out more about company due diligence.

Does it take long until I own a ready-made company in Croatia?

No, you don’t have to wait much time until you can use the shelf company because it is already registered with the authorities in Croatia. It takes approximately one day to the ownership transfer to be concluded. However, if you solicit a background check, the time might prolong. Normally, having the documents of the company and the ones provided by the future owner is sufficient for the authorities to sign the deal and transfer the ownership of the business.

Accessing the list of available shelf companies in Croatia

The list of the shelf companies in Croatia can be accessed by all local and foreign investors by making a request to the Trade Register in Croatia. This institution is also in charge of registering the new companies. Instead of dealing with misunderstandings when asking for information about ready-made companies in Croatia, we invite you to talk to our team of consultants in this matter. They can also help you register the company for VAT.

Differences between shelf companies and traditional companies in Croatia

Croatia is a preferred business destination for varied reasons. Among these, the investors appreciate the ease of doing business, the economic stability, the multitude of business possibilities and the development conditions that sustain companies. Even the government incentives are very much appreciated by foreigners, whether they decide for a traditional corporation or for purchasing a ready-made company. The latter one is often the right solution for those kinds of businessmen who are concerned about the ways in which their operations can be rapidly implemented on the market. This because a shelf company doesn’t need to be registered with the authorities as it is already incorporated. As for a company created from scratch, the owners will have to fulfill with the requirements in matters of documents, tax registration, social security, company seal, bank account, accounting matters and many more.

shelf company in Croatia is ready for business as soon as the new proprietor receives the ownership. As for a traditional company, whether it is a limited liability, a joint stock company or a partnership, the incorporation time prolongs for a few working days, depending on the conditions, business, and activities. This is the reason why a wide range of entrepreneurs from abroad are looking for straightforwardness in matters of business and incorporation in Croatia, a matter where a shelf company can be the right answer. Such companies are preferred because there is no need to wait for the registration of the business, not even for tax matters because, a shelf company is already registered with the entitled authorities.

shelf company is often the business solution for those who want to skip the registration formalities and go straight to business instead of waiting for a specific period of time until the company is open on the market. An entrepreneur is obliged to ask for complete information about the history of the company, in order to see if debts and liabilities are involved or not. As for traditional companies, these can develop in time varied debts, however, the owners are the ones dealing with such problems and the ones who need to decide on certain actions in the firm. Do not hesitate to solicit information about ready-made companies you can purchase in Croatia

If you want to buy a shelf company in Croatia, feel free to contact our specialists in company registration for a personalized offer. If you need accounting in Croatia, our specialists can offer professional services.