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Virtual Office in Croatia

Virtual Office in Croatia

With a virtual office in Zagreb, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. Our company has a vast experience in company formation services and virtual office services. Our team of company formation agents in Croatia is at your disposal with complete information about how companies can be registered and about the benefits of virtual office packages in Croatia.

 Quick Facts  
Who can benefit from virtual office services in Croatia  Investors who want to expand their businesses/ start economic activities in Croatia 

 Features of a virtual office

– business address for those who want to register a company in Croatia,

– no administrative staff,

– excellent choice for remote office services 

Facilities of a virtual office in Croatia 

– mail collection and forwarding,

– call answering and redirecting,

– voice mailbox services 

Local business address (YES/NO)  Yes 
 Registered office (YES/NO)


 Dedicated fax services (YES/NO)


Timeframe for receiving a virtual office package 

You can receive your virtual office package in Croatia in about 24 hours 

Collection of bank statements 

On request 

Meeting rooms (YES/NO) 


Local phone number (YES/NO)  Yes 
Dedicated office plan  

On request

Virtual assistant (YES/NO) 


Location rent 


 Work remotely (YES/NO)


Costs of a virtual office  At a fraction of price for a traditional office 

What does a virtual office package in Croatia contain?

The virtual office package provided by CompanyFormationCroatia.com contains:

   1. A prestigious business address in Zagreb for a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients.
   2. Registered office necessary for establishing a Croatian company.
   3. Mail collection and forwarding – Mail is collected, packages are signed for and sent to you according to your instructions either by mail, fax or email.
   4. Incoming and outgoing faxes – Use our local fax number; we’ll collect and send faxes to you, wherever you are.
   5. A local phone number in Zagreb, Croatia ( all calls can be forwarded on request).
   6. Voice mailbox – All voice messages are forwarded to you by email, as requested in this sense.

Why do I need a virtual office in Zagreb?

virtual office in Zagreb is linked to a notable business address and a proper image and presentation of your company in this country. Wanting to analyze and test the market before performing any activities can help the entrepreneurs direct the attention to virtual office packages in Croatia, as the first step for future operations. For presenting the business operations in a professional manner, we suggest you consider the virtual office services in Zagreb.

Regardless of the activities you want to develop in this country, we recommend the services offered by our accountants in Croatia. This type of service is more advantageous compared to setting up an accounting department in the company, but for all the information, we invite you to contact us. We are here to explain to you the legislation in this regard.

What are the benefits of virtual office services in Croatia?

Entrepreneurs from abroad can benefit from low costs of a virtual office compared to the traditional ones. These are at a fraction of expenses that a normal office requires, therefore, such services can be recommended for small or medium investors. If the company develops in the future, the next step is to consider a traditional business office. Here is an infographic with details about virtual office packages in Croatia:


Do I have a virtual assistant?

Yes, a virtual office comes with a virtual assistant who is in charge of the company’s phone calls, emails, faxes, bank statement collections and many more. The virtual assistant is also in charge of scheduling the meetings with potential partners and customers. Our team of company incorporation agents in Croatia can offer in-depth information about the virtual office packages you can buy in Croatia. Also, you may talk to our consultants and find out more about the company registration in Croatia.

Additional services offered in a virtual office package

Among the additional services offered through a virtual office in Croatia we mention dedicated fax service with your own private and dedicated number, call redirecting with specialized technology that enables call redirection to your primary number, the collection of bank statements and extra usage of the meeting room. If you need accountants in Croatia, our specialists can offer professional services.

Interested in payroll in Croatia? Our specialists can explain the procedures involved for your company to align with the requirements of the legislation. You have the support of our experienced accountants at your fingertips if you want to know the method by which salaries are calculated and when taxes need to be paid. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to discover the services offered in this regard.

Digital services through a virtual office package

As part of our life on a daily basis, the technology is also present through our virtual office services in Zagreb. These digital services support entities and business persons who want to have access to resources in an efficient manner, plus the needed flexibility in an environment in a continuous change. Besides the physical services like desk spaces and private offices, conference rooms, printing, and related services like faxing, copying, scanning, and laminating which are part of the virtual office packages that can be received at any time, a foreign entrepreneur in Croatia can also receive virtual assistance, website domains and related emails, online phone systems, video conferencing and online digital storage on request.

Depending on the development of the business in Croatia, an entrepreneur can also solicit cloud-based applications and choose between the available offers in Croatia. Let us present you our virtual office packages from which you can choose in accordance with your needs and which are available for all entrepreneurs who do not want to set up a traditional office. Here is a video presentation that explains more: 

The history of the virtual office

The concept of virtual office was developed before the industrial revolution took place and came naturally with the idea of changing a traditional office in a cost-efficient manner but not limited to this. Considering the expenses for employees and rental office spaces, the virtual office concept was easily developed with the mid-20th century’s technology that quickly formed the industry. With conference rooms, furnished suites, telephone answering, and reception services, a virtual office in the ‘60s was named serviced office. The introduction of the internet was also of high importance later in the ‘80s and definitely revolutionary for today’s concept of virtual office among many others.

The portable computer invented in 1981 sustained even better the idea of a virtual office, a term that was for the first time mentioned and presented by John Markoff in 1982, an American journalist very much interested and passioned about the development of technology and its impact on the society. Later in 1984, the first virtual assistant was invented and then the virtual office became registered by Richard Nissen in UK. The wholesaling concept of the virtual office package was introduced later in the mid-2000s, letting entrepreneurs worldwide develop their operations in a fast and smart manner.

Those interested in VAT registration in Croatia can talk to one of our specialists.

The trends of virtual office concept

Even though at a certain point the virtual office concept was criticized for allowing fraudulent companies provide false phone numbers and addresses, the things look quite different today as many firms offering virtual office services are concentrating on the security systems and related aspects. As for the emerging trends, the flexible workspaces allow business persons to interact from any corner of the world and develop a meta-office culture without any restrictions. Today’s technology is definitely of high importance and develops the concept of virtual office especially in the telecommunication and storage fields, letting users connect their businesses extremely fast.

For example, there is a high interest in legal virtual office by those looking to provide such services from the distance and by those clients looking to ease the ways in which they can use a lawyer without having to travel to a certain country. This is also known as a virtual law firm which provides the necessary services without having to set up a traditional office, yet providing complete access to emails, fax, phone calls, conference rooms and many more. As for the services provided, these are virtual legal services which can also be accessed with the help of applications and related websites.

Providing legal services through a virtual office space is definitely today’s trends and extremely important when it comes to the ways in which a business can develop in any place with suitable and tailored services. We remind that our team of company formation agents in Croatia can tell you more about the virtual office services you can buy in Croatia. Also, if you are a foreign entrepreneur interested in legal services and business consulting in Croatia, you may solicit our assistance and support at any time.

We invite you to find out more details about the tailored virtual office packages you can purchase in Croatia and about the services involved and meant to come in the attention of foreigners looking to develop their operations in Croatia without having to establish a traditional office.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the virtual office in Croatia, you may contact our local specialists in company formation in Croatia.