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Creating a Publishing Business in Croatia

Creating a Publishing Business in Croatia

As a new member of the European Union since 2013, Croatia had to align with the legislation regarding the freedom of the press. In Croatia, the freedom of expression and the rights of journalists to have access to information are protected by the Constitution of Croatia. In matters of business, foreign entrepreneurs can establish all kinds of companies in the media sector, in respect with the Law on Media and the requirements of the Regulatory Authority of Media in Croatia, the legal entity which observes the activities of such enterprises. In most situations and considering the suitable business climate in Croatia, foreigners can operate a publishing business through a limited liability company, the common structure available. All the aspects involved at the time of registration can be explained by our team of company formation agents in Croatia

How you can register a publishing company in Croatia

Entrepreneurs from abroad who express their interest in setting up a publishing company in Croatia can implement all kinds of media products on the market,with daily appearances, such as newspapers, or can provide magazines, books, or journals periodically. Besides that, a publishing company may operate on the Croatian market under a particular media brand through a branch of a foreign media company, a situation widespread in the country due to the favorable environment for such types of activities. As soon as the business type has been established, the company formation in Croatia is the next step in this sense.

One should bear in mind that an LLC in Croatia is subject to fewer formalities and can be registered at the local Croatian Trade Register. All the forms and the documents of your future publishing media can be prepared and submitted for incorporation with complete support offered by our specialists in company incorporation in Croatia. Instead of dealing with the language barrier or any issues with the authorities, it is advisable to ask our support in any matter.

If you want payroll services in Croatia, our accountants are at your disposal with a series of issues and clarifications. Thus, the distribution of salaries in the company will be done according to the internal regulations and after paying the related taxes. All the involved procedures can be explained to you by our specialists, so do not hesitate to contact us and find out all the information that interests you.

What kind of publishing business can you set up in Croatia?

Having an appealing and extremely developed media market, Croatia welcomes all foreign business persons to explore the opportunities and choose the right place for their future operations in this important sector. Considering the clear direction of the business, entrepreneurs can set up:

  •   newspapers;
  •   magazines;
  •   televisions;
  •   radios;
  •   online media companies.

Knowing the legislative framework for broadcasting in Croatia and having a solid idea about how media works will be in the best interest of the entrepreneur willing to generate profits in this prolific and respected field.

For complete information about the company incorporation process of a publishing company, you may contact our team of experts in company formation in Croatia.