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Relocate your UK Company to Croatia after Brexit

Relocate your UK Company to Croatia after Brexit

Interested in relocating a company from UK to Croatia after Brexit? It is important to know the new rules and regulations before making such a decision, especially right after the exit of UK from the European Union. In this matter, we suggest you discuss with one of our company formation agents in Croatia and find out more about how to relocate your UK company to Croatia after Brexit.

New rules after Brexit – What changes?

The withdrawal agreement comprises the rules and regulations that apply after Brexit or the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. If citizens from EU countries already living in UK might need to pay attention to the residency and work permit rules, those who own companies and want to relocate to Croatia will have to observe the business regulations of this country. Here is some important information business owners in UK should be aware of:

  • • The de-registration of a UK company is the first step of the relocation. The company incorporation in Croatia must respect the local rules and regulations.
  • • The registration for taxation is the next thing to consider when relocating the UK company to Croatia after Brexit.
  • • There are no taxes for trading goods between UK and EU countries, therefore, your British company in Croatia will not suffer any changes from this point of view.
  • • Labeling changes and a series of documents are imposed on companies trading within the UK after relocation to Croatia.
  • Croatia signed a double tax treaty with UK to protect against fiscal evasion and double taxation on profits. Your UK company in Croatia is protected from this point of view.

Company relocation from UK to Croatia is not a complicated process after Brexit, especially if you discuss all the terms and conditions with our company formation agents in Croatia. Our team has experience in company formation and also relocation, with respect to the general and local business rules. If you would like to relocate your company from UK to Croatia, please feel free to talk to us right away.

How do I register a company in Croatia?

The company incorporation process in Croatia is straightforward and implies a series of steps that can be explained by our specialists to UK investors. The limited liability company is the most common type of business available in Croatia and a suggestion to those interested in relocating the UK company to this country. However, if you plan to relocate your joint-stock company or partnership, other business conditions apply. 

Speaking of a limited liability company in Croatia, this type of structure can be registered for a minimum share capital of EUR 2,500 deposited in a local bank account. The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association comprises information about the activities of the company, owners, business address, regulations, voting rights, and many more. In the case of a UK company relocated to Croatia, this kind of information will be comprised of the above-mentioned documents. The UK company relocation to Croatia can be overseen by one of our specialists in company formation in Croatia.

Making investments in Croatia

Croatia is home to a large number of companies with foreign capital. Business owners decide on newly formed companies, or on relocating existing enterprises from the home country. The business climate is appealing in Croatia and that is why the country attracts a big number of foreign investors each year. Besides the workforce available in Croatia, the tax regime, structural reforms, competitive costs, and the attractive incentives and encouragements proposed and implemented by the government, foreign entrepreneurs can consider developing the operations in prolific sectors like ICT, tourism, pharmaceutical industry, textile, automotive and many more. Plus, the strategic geographic location is another great plus for Croatia in front of entrepreneurs who want connections with collaborators and clients worldwide. More in this matter can be highlighted by the following facts and figures of Croatia:

  1. The latest facts and figures issued by the 2020 World Investment Report show that the total FDI stock for Croatia in 2019 was around USD 30 billion.
  2. Approximately USD 1.5 billion was the total value of the greenfield investments in Croatia in 2019.
  3. Croatia has a positive budget surplus since 2013.
  4. The Netherlands and Austria are the main investors in Croatia.

Interested in more details about how to relocate your UK company to Croatia after Brexit? Please feel free to discuss with our team of company formation agents in CroatiaContact us right away.