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Citizenship by Investment in Croatia

Citizenship by Investment in Croatia

Croatian citizenship can be obtained in exchange for a specific type of investment in this country. The program is meant to attract as many foreign investors as possible. All the aspects related to Croatian citizenship by investment can be explained by one of our company formation specialists in Croatia. Moreover, if you would like to start a business in this country, feel free to send your inquiries and let our specialists help you right away.

How do I buy citizenship in Croatia in 2023?

Registering a company or purchasing a property in Croatia are two important and profitable options to obtain citizenship in this country. The immigration policy has been simplified in recent years in Croatia, allowing foreigners to easily set up their businesses and make different investments to gain citizenship. Here is information to consider when applying for Croatia citizenship by investment in 2023:

  1. The real estate properties in Croatia are at affordable costs compared to other European countries.
  2. Buying accommodation in Croatia comes with a temporary residence permit which changes into a permanent one.
  3. A high qualified lawyer in Croatia is at your disposal when buying a property for buying citizenship in this country.
  4. You can simply register a company in Croatia and gain citizenship as a non-resident in this country. We can handle the formalities with the authorities in charge.

Some might think that purchasing a property or registering a business in Croatia can be done without help. Even though it seems simple, it is recommended to have the support of a specialist with experience in this field, who knows the legislation and who can help EU and non-EU nationals gain citizenship. This way, you can skip the bureaucracies and complex formalities that might arise on the way.

There is no minimum share capital for applying for a Golden Visa in Croatia. But when it comes to citizenship, things change. As such, a minimum investment of EUR 100,000 is necessary to enter the program.

Gaining Croatia citizenship by investment

An investment of approximately EUR 100,000 in Croatia is the main requirement to enter the citizenship program. This means that foreigners can set up companies or invest in existing ones, create jobs, and live at least 8 years in Croatia without interruptions to gain citizenship. Compared to other countries, Croatia imposes relatively low investment options to join the citizenship program. Plus, the formalities are quite permissive and foreigners can start businesses or purchase properties in a fast manner. You can discuss all the aspects of Croatia citizenship by investment in 2023 with our agents in Croatia.

A permanent residency is issued after living in Croatia for 5 years. On the other hand, Croatian citizenship can be obtained after 10 years of living in this country. Being proficient in the Croatian language and knowing the country’s culture is required.

Citizenship through naturalization

Croatian citizenship by investment is possible with a minimum capital of EUR 100,000. On the other hand, you can also gain citizenship in Croatia through naturalization and here are some important aspects:

  • Foreign citizens who have turned 18 are good candidates for Croatian citizenship.
  • Also, you must have lived in Croatia for at least 8 years to be able to apply for Croatian citizenship.
  • Another condition is to be familiar with the Croatian language and culture. You can also fill out a questionnaire, but this is not mandatory.

The application for citizenship can be made at the local police department or online with the help of our specialists with experience in immigration issues.

The process of obtaining Croatian citizenship, either through naturalization or through investments, requires legal support. Even if you want to act on your own in this endeavor, it is much more advisable to call on a team of professionals, such as our local agents, to understand from the start what are the formalities that must be respected in this regard.

Croatian citizenship by investment – How to open a company in Croatia

Foreign citizens can opt for setting up a company in Croatia for obtaining citizenship. Thus, a minimum investment of EUR 100,000 is needed for opening a company in Croatia. Limited liability company is the most popular structure in Croatia, also known as DOO. Among the formalities, we mention the following aspects:

  • Checking and booking a business name for your company in Croatia.
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for the establishment, such as the Articles of Association, with information about business owners, activities, general rules, etc.
  • Opening a bank account in Croatia.
  • Registration for payment of taxes.
  • Obtaining the business license.
  • Obtaining the company stamp.
  • Hiring Croatian workers in the recently established company.

For company formation in Croatia, you can talk to one of our local agents. They can help you from the very beginning with company registration if you want to obtain citizenship by investment in Croatia.

Residence for foreign workers in your company

If you apply for citizenship by investment in Croatia by opening a company, you must consider hiring local workers. On the other hand, you have no restrictions regarding the workers from the country of origin or from other countries, who can be relocated to Croatia. Therefore, if you want to hire staff from non-EU countries, you must consider their immigration formalities.

Thus, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit for them, but also for work permits. Both permits can be issued at the same time, and the formalities can be taken care of, in collaboration, by the employing company and our immigration specialists.

Is dual citizenship permitted in Croatia in 2023?

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship and also have a second passport. You can access two social services systems, have properties in both countries, live and work in any country you wish without restrictions. Dual citizenship might seem complex for some people, especially when it comes to regulations and formalities. This is why you should get in touch with our team of agents with experience in immigration in Croatia and benefit from their expertise.

There is the possibility of citizenship approved for solid economic investment if the respective candidates represent a major interest for the country. Such cases are rare, and the Croatian government only offers a few such citizenships per year.

Opening a business to gain citizenship in Croatia

Foreign investors can also enjoy other benefits offered by Croatia. For example, citizenship can be obtained by registering a company in this country. In this case, foreigners must submit a request to the Croatian Consulate, mentioning the intention to open a business and gain citizenship through the programs offered by the authorities. Here are some conditions that must be observed in this direction:

  • Candidates must provide a detailed business plan before the application for citizenship in Croatia.
  • Croatian authorities will ask for information on the source of investment for the company.
  • In order to be able to operate on the market, you need a business permit, guaranteed by the authorities, if the above requirements are met.

We mention that our company formation specialists in Croatia are ready to offer all the necessary support for foreigners interested in Croatian citizenship by investment and the imposed conditions. In addition, they can deal with all the necessary formalities and documents, but also with communication with the relevant authorities. If you need accountants in Croatia for your business, we can offer professional services. 

Making investments in Croatia

If you choose Croatia for investments and business in 2023 you can be certain that you made a great choice. The country sustains foreign investments and continues to implement a series of incentives and encouragements to attract foreign investors in a large number. Besides the strategic geographic location of Croatia that connects the country with international financial centers, the competitive operational costs are taken into consideration by foreign investors.

A multilingual and experienced workforce, the ease of doing business, enjoying multiple grants offered by the government, and making profits in prolific sectors like tourism, agriculture, energy, manufacturing or IT represent a few of the business attributes presented by Croatia. The textile, automotive, food, and pharmaceutical industries are quite developed in Croatia and are on the list of most international entrepreneurs who want to do business in this country. Here are some interesting facts and figures that explain more:

  1. Nearly USD 38.89 billion represented the total FDI stock for Croatia in 2021.
  2. The 2020 Doing Business report ranks Croatia 51st out of 190 economies in the world.
  3. The financial services gained around 30% of the total FDI stock in the same year.
  4. Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, And Italy are the main investors in Croatia.
  5. The value of the greenfield investments in Croatia totaled around USD 1.4 billion in 2019.

Frequently asked questions

Our team of specialists often receives questions about Croatian citizenship by investment and the rules to follow. Below are some of these questions, hoping that the answers will clarify certain situations before contacting our local agents.

1. Who can receive Croatian citizenship by investment?

Both EU and non-EU citizens can apply for Croatian citizenship. However, it is important to understand the rules to gain this status, and our specialists can explain in detail.

2. How much is required to enter Croatian citizenship by investment program?

Around EUR 100,000 is needed to enter this program, and this amount must be invested in a new company or an existing one. Creating jobs is another important aspect that candidates must take into account.

3. After how many years can you gain Croatian citizenship?

Once enrolled in the Citizenship by Investment program, applicants must prove that they have lived in Croatia for at least 8 years without interruption. This is followed by the citizenship process and the verification of investments made by foreigners in Croatia. You can find out all the details from our local agents.

4. Can I obtain Croatian citizenship by buying a property?

Of course, this is another alternative to joining the citizenship by investment program. Foreigners can purchase a property in Croatia and then apply for citizenship.

5. How can Croatian citizenship be obtained?

Foreign citizens opening companies in Croatia can apply for Croatian citizenship by investment. A limited liability company can be the optimal structure to set up a company in this country, without complicated formalities. We remind you that our specialists in the field can provide the necessary support to foreigners interested in this aspect.

6. Under what conditions can the application for Croatian citizenship be rejected?

If the authorities find that the source of the investment is illegal, then the application for Croatian citizenship can be rejected.

7. Which institution verifies applications for Croatian citizenship?

The Ministry of Interior is the institution that verifies the citizenship applications of foreigners. But, in order to have a simple and fast process, you can talk to our agents.

8. Is dual citizenship allowed in Croatia?

Yes, according to Immigration Law in Croatia, the authorities allow dual citizenship. This is an important advantage for foreigners who relocate to this country and who want to develop their businesses.

9. What does a foreigner who obtains Croatian citizenship receive?

In terms of documents, you will get a birth certificate, national ID card, Croatian passport, and a document called “Domovnica” which certifies that you are a Croatian citizen.

10. How can a specialist help me obtain Croatian citizenship by investment?

Our agents have experience in this field and can provide the necessary support, in terms of documents, for interested applicants. In addition, our experts work closely with the relevant authorities, and the process of obtaining citizenship can be easy and fast if all the rules are followed.

Hiring our specialists for Croatian citizenship by investment formalities

Although it seems simple at first glance to take care of the formalities for citizenship by investment in Croatia, certain formalities require guidance from a specialist. Thus, we recommend the services offered by one of our local agents in order to simplify the process of obtaining citizenship by investment in Croatia. You will benefit from an experienced team and services at advantageous prices.

Interested in gaining citizenship by investment in Croatia? We invite you to discover the services offered by our company formation agents in Croatia. You can get in touch with us and make an appointment right away.