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Fiscal Representative in Croatia

Fiscal Representative in Croatia

Foreign vendors and suppliers conducting taxable transactions in an EU member state may be obligated to appoint a fiscal representative to fulfill their VAT obligations. This procedure is mandatory in Croatia but for non-EU companies only.

If you are looking for the services of a fiscal representative in Croatia, our agents can help. Also, the services of our company formation agents in Croatia are at your disposal for business incorporation.

Who needs a fiscal representative in Croatia?

Following the guidelines set forth in the EU VAT Directives, a Croatian fiscal representative is not obligatory for a company domiciled in another EU member state. Residents of EU countries have the option to directly register with the Croatian Tax Administration. However, for non-EU companies, a fiscal representative is mandated, who shares liability for Croatian VAT. There exists a specific arrangement tailored for non-EU companies offering electronically supplied services, permitting them, subject to specific conditions, to directly register with Croatian VAT authorities. This scheme aims to streamline compliance procedures for non-EU entities operating within Croatia’s tax framework, ensuring adherence to VAT regulations while facilitating their business operations within the country. If you are a non-European company conducting trade, our fiscal representatives in Croatia can assist you.

If your company needs any accounting services, our accountants in Croatia are also at your assistance.

Forms required to apply for VAT number in Croatia

The Croatian tax authorities will necessitate the completion of the following forms:

  1. OIB form: Required for acquiring a personal identification number;
  2. P-PDV form.

These requirements serve to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the registration process, enabling the Croatian tax office to manage and oversee VAT obligations for businesses operating here. Our fiscal representative in Croatia can help you to register for VAT in this country.

With the help of our company incorporation specialists in Croatia,you can get comprehensive knowledge of local regulations. They can further assist you in opening a company in Croatia.

How can we help you?

Our specialists can assist foreign businesses with fiscal representation in Croatia by providing expert guidance and support throughout the process, like:

  • Understanding Croatian tax laws: Our Croatian fiscal representatives can provide in-depth knowledge of Croatian tax laws and regulations, ensuring that foreign businesses understand their obligations and responsibilities regarding VAT.
  • Registration process: Our agents can assist with the registration process for fiscal representation in Croatia, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and submitted on time.
  • Compliance management: Our specialists can help foreign businesses stay compliant with Croatian tax laws by providing ongoing support and advice. This includes ensuring that all tax filings are completed correctly and on time.
  • Representation in legal matters: In the event of any legal issues or disputes related to fiscal representation, our consultants can represent foreign businesses in negotiations, litigation, or other legal proceedings.
  • Tax planning: We can offer strategic tax planning advice to help foreign businesses minimize their tax liabilities in Croatia while remaining compliant with local laws.
  • Communication with tax authorities: Our fiscal representatives can serve as intermediaries between foreign businesses and Croatian tax authorities, handling communications and negotiations on behalf of their clients.
  • Updates on regulatory changes: Our agents can keep foreign businesses informed about any changes to Croatian tax laws or regulations that may affect their fiscal representation requirements.

Overall, having competent representation is essential for foreign businesses seeking fiscal representation in Croatia to ensure compliance with local laws and mitigate any potential risks or liabilities. Moreover, you are suggested to hire our company formation experts if you are planning to set up a company in Croatia.

Croatia trade – 2022

Below you can find Croatian import statistics:

  • EU member states were the primary trade partners for imports in Croatia in January 2022, constituting 72.5% of total imports, marking a 29.6% increase from January 2021;
  • Import from Germany rose by 27.1% (13.2% of total import), from Italy by 41.0% (12.4% of total import), and from Slovenia by 43.5% (11.0% of total import);
  • Non-EU member states accounted for 27.5% of total imports in January 2022, experiencing a significant 117.4% increase compared to the previous year;
  • Imports from Bosnia and Herzegovina surged by 51.1% (3.7% of total imports), primarily involving electricity;
  • Import from the USA saw a remarkable 798.5% increase (8.7% of total import), largely due to liquefied natural gas.

Besides learning about these facts, if you are seeking services related to payroll in Croatia, our agents can help. Contact our company formation experts to learn more about our services in this country.