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Open a Hotel in Croatia

Open a Hotel in Croatia

The business opportunities in the tourism sector in Croatia are in the attention of international investors for many years and that because the geographic location of the country provides a multitude of business opportunities. Cities like Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Zagreb or Sibenik are excellent destinations for establishing different operations and companies. For instance, investors can open a hotel in Croatia, with complete support provided by one of our company formation specialists in Croatia

What are the main steps for opening a hotel in Croatia?

Local and foreign entrepreneurs have the possibility of opening a hotel in Croatia by first establishing a limited liability company or a DOO as it is named. This is the preferred business structure adopted and used by most of the entrepreneurs looking for a business in Croatia. The following details highlight a few of the attributes of a limited liability company in Croatia:

  1. EUR 2,500 is the minimum share capital for an LLC in Croatia.
  2. A DOO can be established by at least one shareholder in Croatia.
  3. Licenses and permits need to be obtained before the construction commences.
  4. The registration for taxes and social contributions is normally made when the company is incorporated with the Croatian Trade Register.

We invite you to discuss all the registration matters of a company in Croatia with one of our company formation agents in Croatia. We can provide assistance and complete information for opening a hotel in Croatia.

Licenses and permits for a hotel in Croatia

A location permit is needed for opening a hotel in Croatia. The application for this kind of permit starts when a series of documents are provided, one of them comprising the conceptual design. The decision of the environmental acceptability of the hotel, the physical planning, the environmental and ecological impact must be submitted for obtaining the needed construction permit from the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning. Also, the urban development plan needs to be approved before submitting the documents for obtaining the construction permit of the hotel in Croatia. The issuing procedure of the location permit must comprise information whether it is possible to connect the hotel to the public wastewater, and to the electrical network, or not. Such information needs to be offered at the time the application is made. All the formalities for licenses and permits application can be handled by our company formation agents in Croatia, so feel free to get in touch with us.

Types of hotels you can open in Croatia

The investments in the tourism sector, particularly those directed to accommodation can be split in two, meaning that entrepreneurs can buy hotels that are already built, but for which they want to make investments or can build new accommodations or resorts. In most of the cases, the established amount of money for investments will dictate the business direction for local and foreign entrepreneurs in Croatia. Instead of planning a hotel in Croatia, some investors are interested in creating a complete resort to serve more tourists, and therefore, to generate more money. Regardless of the type of business, you are interested, it is highly recommended to have the support of an experienced agent in company formation in Croatia who can deal with the registration formalities involved.

Investing in Croatia

The tourism sector is for sure a very appealing one from an investment point of view, so entrepreneurs can establish varied businesses in this field. Croatia provides easy access to European, Asia and American markets, by land, sea, and air, so it is quite simple for an investor from China, for example, to establish his/her operations in this country. More than that, entrepreneurs can make investments in entertainment conveniences, hotels and resorts for touristic or business purposes, solar and wind energy, transportation of goods, logistics companies. Below we present information, facts and statistics about business, investments and economy in Croatia:

  • • the latest statistics revealed the FDI inward flow of USD 1,159 million for 2018;
  • • 58 out of 190 is the position of the economy of Croatia among international ones, as stated by the “2019 Doing Business” report;
  • • the financial services sector in Croatia receive most of the investments in 2018, around 30% rate;
  • • USD 32,8 million was the total FDI stock for 2018 in Croatia;
  • • according to latest facts and data, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Italy are the main investors in Croatia.

Complete support for opening a hotel in Croatia can be offered by our company formation representatives in Croatia, so feel free to contact us and address your inquiries in this sense.