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Create a Pharmaceutical Company in Croatia

Create a Pharmaceutical Company in Croatia

The pharmaceutical sector in Croatia is stable and represents a major industry where important players grow their profits. The Agency for Medical Devices and Medicinal Products supervised by the Ministry of Health in Croatia is the institution which issues the special licenses for persons interested in opening a pharmacy in Croatia.

Even if there are numerous companies, local or foreign, that activate in the pharmaceutical sector in Croatia, there is always room for many businesses like this, as one pharmacy can serve about 3,000 people in a community. Investors who want to start a pharmaceutical company in Croatia should first of all register a limited liability company through which they can legally activate. Our local agents in company formation in Croatia are at your disposal with assistance and counseling in company incorporation.

Establishing a pharmacy in Croatia

When deciding for opening a pharmacy in Croatia, one should establish the area of activities, whether he/she wants to open a drugstore in all kinds of health centers like hospitals or private clinics or as a traditional pharmacy in the chosen city. Most pharmacies in Croatia are owned by big companies with subsidiaries in the country.

Drugstores in Croatia can be established only if the Ministry of Health issues the necessary license and if the company respects the regulations imposed on how the pharmacy must be located. For example, in cities with about 500,000 residents, pharmacies can be created at a distance of about 200 meters. Pharmacies in Croatia can only be set up by licensed pharmacists, or companies with activities in the pharmaceutical sector, whether local or from abroad. 

Payroll in Croatia is an important task in accounting and it can be requested right from the beginning when entrepreneurs are involved in the steps for company registration. Business owners can thus have the guarantee that they respect the law and that they align with the requirements in this field. In addition to such services, our experts can provide the necessary financial reports to see how the company is doing from this point of view. for payroll in Croatia.

Regulations for opening a pharmacy in Croatia

Besides registering an LLC in Croatia for setting up a pharmacy or establishing a subsidiary, a drugstore can only activate with special licenses issued by the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists and the Ministry of Health. In matters of documents and regulations, our specialists in company incorporation in Croatia can provide complete support and guidelines. Please consider that for creating a pharmaceutical company in Croatia, the same Ministry of Health that oversees the activities of the Agency for Medical Devices and Medicinal Products in the country issues the special permissions for selling medicines and supplements without prescriptions.

Please get in touch with our team of company formation consultants in Croatia for comprehensive information about how to open a pharmaceutical company in Croatia.