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Changing Company Type in Croatia

Changing Company Type in Croatia

Company owners in Croatia can change the business structure if they achieve a particular threshold which imposes another direction in this matter. For example, partnerships can turn into limited liability companies, or private LLCs can become public. There are certain rules when changing the company type in Croatia, but these can be explained by our team of company formation agents in Croatia for all business persons interested in such matters. 

How can companies change the structure in Croatia?

The limited liability company in Croatia represents a suitable business form and a preferred structure for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Many of them are registered as private entities, but if new conditions are imposed, these can be changed into public ones. Being the preferred business form in Croatia, such company type change is the most frequent. The procedure starts with the amendment of the Articles of Association, the company’s main documents. This means that the internal rules or bylaws have to change:

  • a public LLC is not subject to a minimum of 50 stockholders;
  • transferring the shares of a limited liability company is permitted;
  • the shares of the public LLC in Croatia can be listed on the stock exchange.

Where is the new company structure registered in Croatia?

The same Trade Register in Croatia deals with the company type change. This involves a new set of documents for which our Croatian specialists in company formation can offer complete support.

When do I need to announce the Trade Register in Croatia by company type change?

As soon as you have decided to change the business structure for your company in Croatia, it is recommended to notify the authorities in charge and to prepare the new Articles of Association.

What type of documents is necessary for changing company type in Croatia?

Our team of company incorporation agents in Croatia can help foreigners prepare the documents for company registration and can also provide support when the business structure will be transformed. This will imply varied documents among which, the following are important:

  • the resolution made by the board of managers in the company;
  • the financial report issued by an authorized auditor in Croatia;
  • a declaration which shows the expansion of the assets of the firm.

Even though it might seem a complicated procedure which involves a series of documents, the things are quite the opposite because the authorities already have complete information about the company and the owners, the only thing to do is to update the changes in this sense.

We invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in Croatia for extra details about how to change the business structure in Croatia.