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Gambling Activities in Croatia

Gambling Activities in Croatia

According to the Gambling LawCroatia offers a wide range of business opportunities for local and foreign investors in this sector. There are four categories in which you can place your activities in the gambling area through limited liability companies in Croatia. The registration process of a company in Croatia, regardless of chosen entity and operations, plus the related matters can be explained by our team of company formation agents in Croatia at any time.

Gambling categories in Croatia

Lottery games (bingo included), sports betting, games of chance with an instant win, and slot machines are part of the gambling activities which can be set up by foreigners in Croatia. The Gambling Act in Croatia oversees the ventures in this sector and particularly the ones of the gambling operators in this country. According to this set of laws, each gambling operator in Croatia who wants to set up activities on the internet must apply for an online gambling license for which a fee of USD 400,000 is applicable.

Casino gambling, poker, lottery, bingo, and sports betting are gambling activities which are also met on the internet in Croatia. For further information about the gambling licenses and requirements in opening such a company, it is best to ask our company incorporation agents in Croatia for information and assistance. We mention that gambling activities in Croatia can be registered through LLCs. If you would like to know information about the taxes in Croatia and about VAT registration, please talk to our consultants.

How casino activities are working in Croatia

Because the legislation is permissive for the gambling area in Croatia, many investors are attracted by this field and start doing business as soon as an LLC has been incorporated and the gambling licenses acquired. Casino activities are widespread in Croatia and address those who enjoy traditional games like:

  •     roulette;
  •     poker;
  •     blackjack;
  •     sports betting;
  •     slot machines.

It is good to know that another form of gambling takes shape in Croatia and that is bitcoin gambling, where the virtual currency plays the key role. According to the Croatian National Bank, virtual currency and particularly Bitcoin is accepted in Croatia. Even though Bitcoin gambling is not controlled by any special law in this sense, online gamblers can use virtual currencies on the internet.

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If you are looking to expand your operations on the Croatian market, especially in the gambling area, please do not hesitate to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Croatia.