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How to Purchase Shares in a Croatian Company

How to Purchase Shares in a Croatian Company

Buying shares in a Croatian company is often the smart decision of domestic and foreign investors looking to make profits and to expand their portfolios. The stocks in a company can be owned as a single individual or by pooling the money with other participants who decide for an investment fund. There are numerous companies in Croatia that offer the possibility of buying shares, in respect with the internal conditions and with the applicable legislation in Croatia, but for more details, you can address your inquiries to our team of company formation agents in Croatia who can also help foreigners start a business in Croatia.

How can I buy shares as an individual investor in Croatia?

Foreign investors can decide on purchasing shares in a company in Croatia from an obvious reason and that is to make more money. The good thing is that a single investor can buy stocks directly from a company through a direct stock purchase plan, particularly if he/she is interested in a small number of shares and low costs related.

Deciding on a licensed broker

Buying shares in a Croatian company can be done with the help of a licensed broker agent or an investment advisor who can provide the essential guidance in this direction. Here are the important steps in the procedure of buying stocks in a company:

  • a financial plan is the starting point when deciding for buying shares in a Croatian company;
  • tax advice, estate planning and establishing the budget which needs to be spent are then determined;
  • an investment fund is open in complete confidentiality;
  • the investment objectives are decided alongside with the broker agent in charge of your investments.

Foreigners willing to purchase shares in a company in Croatia will have to observe the investment legislation and to comply with the requirements related. Our company incorporation specialists in Croatia are at the disposal of foreign entrepreneurs who want to open companies in Croatia or who want to buy shares in a Croatian company.

What is a dividend reinvestment plan in Croatia?

dividend reinvestment plan in Croatia (DRIP) is the suitable option for those types of investors who are interested in company offers like reinvesting the cash dividends into extra stocks. DRIP is often the decision of foreign investors who already own shares in a company and who are interested in making more investments.

If you would like to know more details about how to purchase shares in a Croatian company, we invite you to contact our team of consultants for complete details in this direction.