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Establish a Recruitment Company in Croatia

Establish a Recruitment Company in Croatia

The workforce in Croatia is diversified and well prepared, and there are numerous companies from abroad with establishments in the country that are interested in obtaining skilled workers for their positions. The proper way to do this is to hire the services of a recruitment company, a successful business which can be set up by almost any investor. Our company formation agents in Croatia are at your disposal if you are a business person interested in registering a recruitment company in Croatia.

How to start your recruitment company in Croatia

Croatia is an active country from many points of view, and a preferred business hub for both national and overseas investors. Foreign companies with branches or subsidiaries in Croatia are most of the times interested in the local workforce and the starting point of hiring staff is to check the recruitment websites. This is also a suitable method of launching your recruitment agency in Croatia, by registering a domain name and presenting your services.

recruitment website should focus on the potential candidates by offering access on the platform. On the other hand, as part of the development, the website linked to your recruitment agency should be easily accessed by companies looking for trained workers. We mention that a recruitment company in Croatia can be set up as a limited liability company, where a minimum share capital of EUR 2,500 is necessary, alongside the agreement of at least two stockholders. Here is extra information about limited liability companies and the regulations for opening one:

  1. The minimum share capital needs to be deposited in a local bank account in Croatia, which will first serve as a temporary bank account;
  2. The Articles of Association, the company’s main documents will comprise details about the owners, activities, business address and many more;
  3. The registration for tax purposes and social contribution is required;
  4. Once the company seal is obtained, the business can commence.

The formalities for opening an LLC or DOO in Croatia are not complex, yet, you can ask for support from our company formation agents in Croatia who can handle the entire procedure. They can help you open a recruitment company in Croatia and guide you throughout every step of the process, dealing with the authorities in charge.

Services offered by a recruitment agency in Croatia

One of the main services a recruitment company in Croatia can offer  is human resources consultancy for small, medium and large companies interested in hiring local workforce. The same business will implement an appropriate database of candidates and resumes which will be accessed with an established account by entrepreneurs and companies searching for staff. Enterprises with activities in IT, energy, retail, media, and medicine are always in need of qualified staff, and a recruitment company in Croatia can offer the necessary services in accordance with the requirements of the employees.

What to consider for opening a recruitment company in Croatia?

A recruitment agency is a great business idea for foreigners in Croatia from many points of view. For instance, many companies would rather hire the services of a recruitment company in Croatia instead of developing a human resources team to handle the recruitment process. Here are some important business aspects that you should consider right from the start when opening a recruitment company in Croatia:

  1. First, decide on the sector in which you wish to propose and implement your recruitment services.
  2. Think of a market research and find out information about your future competitors.
  3. Identify the type of client, in order to settle a business plan for your recruitment company in Croatia.
  4. Create a list of preliminary costs and a business forecast right from the start.
  5. Decide whether you wish to develop the business only online or by establishing a physical address.

A business plan is not a complicated task, however, if you are planning your activities for the first time, then you should solicit professional help. This is where you can rely on the support of our team of company formation agents in Croatia who can give you the proper advice and recommendations. They can help you start a recruitment company in Croatia as soon as you get in touch with them.

Who can open recruitment companies in Croatia?

Most of the foreign and local investors can think of a recruitment agency in Croatia, without worrying about particular restrictions. This can be an ideal business start for small or medium entrepreneurs interested in Croatia’s environment and business opportunities, mentioning that foreign investments are encouraged by the Croatian authorities. If you plan to open a recruitment agency in Croatia and need assistance and guidance, you are invited to talk to our specialists in company formation in Croatia.

With a vast experience in the field, our accountants in Croatia are at your disposal with various services that can maintain the correct business direction of the company, from a financial point of view. You can also benefit from support for tax advice and compliance, from the moment you start the steps to establish the desired company.

Benefits of opening a recruitment company in Croatia

One of the main advantages of opening a recruitment agency in Croatia is that your business can activate in sectors like tourism, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail and many more. Company owners with activities in these sectors can hire your recruitment services and rely on the support you can offer. Instead of looking for hiring staff, company owners often choose the services of recruitment agencies on the Croatian market and rely on the support and professionalism of such firms.

Some might find the recruitment process quite difficult, so, a great option is to work closely with a recruitment agency that can respect your requests and act in the best interest of your business. Recruitment agencies can be extremely profitable if you plan your business in accordance. The support of a good and reliable marketing and promotion plan, plus a sustainable business plan should stand at the base of a successful recruitment company in Croatia.

Why make investments in Croatia

Many international entrepreneurs see Croatia as a great business destination in terms of profits and business development. Having a strategic location in the southeastern part of Europe, a great infrastructure, an appealing tax regime, plus a highly-skilled workforce and competitive operational costs compared to other European states make Croatia a good candidate for businesses of all kinds, including for recruitment agencies. Here are some facts and figures that describe in large lines the economy of Croatia:

  • • around USD 32,900 million was the total FDI stock for 2018 in Croatia;
  • • the recent 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank ranks Croatia 51st out of 190 worldwide economies;
  • • more than 20% of the foreign investments in Croatia came from the Netherlands between 1993 and 2017;
  • • on the 2019 Global Competitiveness Index, Croatia ranked 63rd.

We invite you to contact our team of experts in company incorporation in Croatia for complete details about how you can establish a recruitment company in Croatia.