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Open an Agricultural Company in Croatia

Open an Agricultural Company in Croatia

Croatia has favorable conditions for the agricultural production, approximately 1.3 million ha of agricultural lands and offers complete support for small and medium farms. These are among the reasons of foreign entrepreneurs interested in agricultural businesses in Croatia in all forms. For immediate and complete support for opening a company in Croatia, we invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Croatia.

Short facts about the agriculture sector in Croatia

Having vast agricultural lands, Croatia is believed to be self-sufficient when it comes to the production of corn, cereals, wine, poultry eggs and many other related products. Family farms are the type of businesses chosen by different entrepreneurs in Croatia, considering that about half of the population of Croatia lives in rural zones. The country also provides a sustainable and appealing business environment for those kinds of investors aiming to use agricultural production and transform it into processed food for local and abroad markets. Below you can find some interesting details about the agriculture field in Croatia:

1.    The contribution of the agriculture field to the country’s GDP is around 4%.

2.    Most commercial farms have approximately 8.5 hectares.

3.    The total agricultural exports are expected to sum up around $ 3.2 million this year.

4.    $370 million represent the total value of the imported fruits and vegetables in Croatia in 2018.

5.    The almond production in Croatia satisfies approximately half of the domestic requests on the market.

The fishery sector is an important subsector of Croatia’s agriculture, so many entrepreneurs benefit from the opportunities found here, mentioning that the country is a large seafood and fish exporter. If you are interested in opening a company in the agriculture sector in Croatia, feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists in company formation in Croatia and find out complete details about the registration process.

What is the best business form for a company in the agriculture sector?

The limited liability company or the DOO is the most used business structure in Croatia in any fields, including in the agriculture sectors. Farms in Croatia can be activated under the rules of limited liability companies which can be established with a minimum share capital of EUR 2,500 and at least one shareholder regardless of the citizenship. The incorporation procedure of companies in Croatia benefits from the lack of hard formalities, however, it is recommended to have the support of our company formation agents in Croatia and skip any misunderstandings or errors that might occur throughout the process. It is recommended to make a name verification before registering the company in the agriculture sector and align with the general rules imposed by the Croatian Register of Companies. We mention that the Articles of Association are the company’s main documents comprising complete details and information about the owners, the activities, the internal rules, responsibilities and so on. 

Business opportunities in the agriculture field in Croatia

The organic farming sector in Croatia is a source of numerous business opportunities, especially for young entrepreneurs and that because the country wants to align with today’s trends in terms of food and consumption. The country sustains the organic agriculture and the authorities want to rise the percent of the used agricultural land which is set now at 50% by sustaining and encouraging young entrepreneurs to direct the attention to the rural areas. Promotional campaigns and targeted training are only a few of the national movements meant to attract even more local and foreign entrepreneurs in the agriculture field. Cereals and animal farms can be easily established in Croatia and can serve to both local and international markets, considering the fact that Croatia, at the moment, relies on the imported meat from its major trading partner, USA. Here is additional information about the agriculture sector in Croatia:

  • •    the excellent geographic location of Croatia helps entrepreneurs develop in the fishery sector quite fast;
  • •    a higher financial potential can be provided by soybean farmers in Croatia;
  • •    the seafood sector also relies on the support of American imports;
  • •    $35 million is the value of imported tree nuts in Croatia in 2018.

Those interested in opening a company in the agriculture sector in Croatia are invited to contact our company formation agents in Croatia for complete assistance and information.