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Company Formation Services in Zagreb

Company Formation Services in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and a leading financial hub in the country with accents on the well-developed industries which sustain the overall flourishing economy. Making the connection with southeastern Europe, Zagreb represents an important business destination for foreigners interested in emerging or establishing their operations in Croatia. Our local company formation specialists in Croatia can offer complete services related to company registration.

Setting up a company in Zagreb

Foreign entrepreneurs can easily set up private limited liability companies, partnerships, subsidiaries or branches, as the registration process has been simplified in recent years. Most entities in Zagreb are subject to several types of documents which must comprise details about the owners, the minimum share capital (EUR 2,850 for a private limited company and EUR 13,500 for non-EU entrepreneurs), the purpose and the activities of the business, the board of managers, information about how liabilities are directed in case if liquidation or changed business structure.

Larges businesses in Zagreb can be established through public limited liability companies where the minimum share capital is set at EUR 25,000.

How a company is registered in Zagreb

No matter the type of business you wish to perform in Croatia, and particularly in Zagreb, please consider the following steps in company incorporation in Croatia:

  •     verify the availability of the business name;
  •     open a bank account to deposit the minimum share capital;
  •     provide the necessary documents to the Trade Register;
  •     apply for social contribution;
  •   register for tax purposes.

Once you have received the certificate of incorporation, hire a team of accountants to oversee the financial transactions, your company can legally activate on the Croatian market and especially in Zagreb.

If you open a company in Croatia, we recommend you contact our accountants to discover the services you need. Payroll services in Croatia, for example, are among the most important and refer to the calculation of employees’ salaries and their distribution, according to the company’s internal regulations. If you want to know more about these services, do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

The company formation services in Zagreb are at your disposal if you are a businessman from abroad and you need counseling in this sense. We kindly invite you to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in Croatia for complete support.