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Setting Up a Casino in Croatia

Setting Up a Casino in Croatia

Casinos and gambling activities in Croatia represent a popular form of entertainment in this country for both locals and tourists. These can be included in touristic packages which is why the interest for running such activities rose in the recent years for foreign investors. Setting up a casino in Croatia starts with registering a limited liability company and applying for the necessary license. In this matter, you can ask our company formation agents in Croatia for comprehensive information and guidelines.

The activities of a casino in Croatia

From the beginning, one should know that the Gambling Act in Croatia controls the activities of the gambling area, including casinos. In complete agreement with the Commercial Code and the Companies Act, the entrepreneurs can set up casinos through limited liability companies which represent important and popular structures for doing any kind of activities. A casino in Croatia can offer traditional games for all visitors passionate about the roulette, slot machines, poker, sports betting and blackjack, but not limited to these.

Please bear in mind that the gambling license is necessary for operating casino activities in Croatia, for which a particular fee is imposed. Also, if you need support in company incorporation in Croatia, we invite you to address your inquiries to our team of advisors.

Bitcoin gambling in Croatian casinos

Knowing the solid advance of virtual currency in the past few years, many business persons decided to introduce digital money in daily operations of their companies. Bitcoin represents the most appreciated and used virtual currency on an international scale and it can be introduced to your casino operations instead of liquid money. This virtual currency is also used on the internet through varied gambling websites and online casinos, focusing this way on a significant category of gamblers in Croatia.

If you are looking for payroll services in Croatia, you can contact our accountants with experience in this field. The procedures related to the payment of taxes as well as the calculation and distribution of salaries in a company can be done with the help of dedicated programs, which our accountants know. The costs for this type of service are advantageous and are calculated according to the number of employees and other aspects.

For a better understanding of company formation in Croatia and the rules for opening a casino, please do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists in company incorporation in Croatia.