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Open a Trading Company in Croatia

Open a Trading Company in Croatia

The recent entrance in the European Union made Croatia an appealing business destination for those wanting to establish import and export companies and thrive in sectors like manufacturing, automotive, chemicals and plastics, food and many more. If you would like to open a trading company in Croatia, we invite you to talk to our team of company formation representatives in Croatia and solicit support in matters of incorporation.

Is the LLC proper for opening a trading company in Croatia?

Yes, the limited liability company, or the DOO as it is known, is in most cases the ideal business structure for establishing an import and export company in Croatia. Such an entity is subject to fewer and not that complex formalities, allowing foreigners to enter the Croatian market in a fast manner. Here are a few things to consider when opening a DOO in Croatia:

  • • Once the Articles of Association are created, the incorporation starts with the Trade Register.
  • • EUR 2,500 represents the minimum share capital for opening a DOO in Croatia.
  • • A name verification is needed before the business registration is made.
  • • Opening a bank account for depositing the minimum share capital is the next thing to consider.
  • • A local representative and a board of managers are needed for opening a DOO in Croatia.

Besides the above-mentioned steps for setting up a DOO in Croatia in order to establish the trading activities, entrepreneurs will have to observe the regulations regarding the tax and social contributions registration in this country. 

Do I need licenses and permits for my trading company?

Yes, trading companies cannot activate in Croatia until the needed licenses and permits are acquired. Companies will have to apply for special licenses if they want to export or import alcohol and sell it on different markets. The same thing is available for companies wanting to enter tobacco products in Croatia. One must consider the tax duties for the import and export sector in Croatia, however, reduced fees or exemptions can apply due to double taxation treaties signed by Croatia with countries worldwide. If you need assistance in applying for licenses and permits in Croatia, we recommend you get in touch with our Croatian team of company formation agents. Our consultants can offer support for company formation in Croatia, no matter the activities you want to establish in this country.

Can subsidiaries or branches activate in the import and export sector in Croatia?

Yes, large companies from abroad can rapidly establish their operations in the trading sector in Croatia, if all the documents are accepted by the Croatian Customs Authority. Branches and subsidiaries can run under the rules of limited liability companies, the available structure for most of the activities in Croatia.

Required documents for exports in Croatia

The exportation of products in Croatia can be made if the necessary certificates are provided to the Croatian authorities, alongside the regular trade policy of exporting document, the customs entry document, the legal undertaking, the customs bond, the export licenses, the certificate of origin, the commercial invoice, the certificate of inspection, the bulletin analysis and the temporary shipment certificate. The following documents are also needed for exporting companies in Croatia:

  1. The weight certificate to serve the international road safety regulations;
  2. The consular invoice, in some cases where custom clear goods is needed for importing.
  3. The certificate of free sale if the products are not meant for sale purposes on the market.
  4. The certificate of health sanitation, the fisheries certificate and the generic certificate of origin are solicited.

Importing from Croatia to India

Indian companies interested in Croatian products will have to observe a few important regulations like providing the import certification with full information about the goods. It is important to know that the import license will be issued by the Croatian authorities. In this case, the airway bill, the freight certificate and the cargo arrival notice will be necessary at the time the documentation for the import of goods is prepared. Additionally, the customs entry filing can be made by a customs broker, in order for the import shipment to be cleared out of customs. Also, the import entry details must be completed considering the supplies of importing country duties which is updated each year.

For more information about how you can open a trading company in Croatia, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Croatia.