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Company Formation Services in Split

Company Formation Services in Split

The second largest city of Croatia is Split, and it is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The flourishing tourism, the rich history related to the Roman period, and the significant economic status, make Split a solid and appreciated city candidate for business purposes. If you are a foreign investor who wants to enter the Croatian market and particularly establish the activities in Split, we suggest you get in touch with our local company formation representatives in Croatian.

Establishing a company in Split

Most of the revenues in Split are generated by the tourism sector, as the city is recognized for its interesting culture, well-known ancient sites and many more. The stable economy represents the efforts of the government who encourages the foreign investments through diverse inducements and measures. Among the preferred business entities in Split, we mention the private limited liability company, sole proprietorship, public limited liability company which is linked to large businesses, or general and limited partnerships.

The Articles of Association stands at the base of any type of business incorporation in Split and comprises complete information about the owners, the activities of the company, the minimum share capital, the board of directors and the date of creation. When submitting the company’s documents to the local Trade Register in Split, it is advisable to solicit comprehensive support from our specialists in company formation in Croatia. Our team can guide entrepreneurs throughout the entire registration process of a company in Split.

The registration process of a company in Split

When choosing Split for business incorporation, one should focus on the main requirements imposed in such process, like:

  •     verify if the business name is available;
  •     decide on a business address;
  •     set up a bank account for the initial deposit;
  •     register for tax purposes, including VAT;
  •     apply for social contributions;
  •     hire staff, including a team of accountants who must oversee the financial activities.

The fast incorporation of companies in Split is connected to less bureaucracy. Moreover, if you want to develop your business as fast as possible, you may consider the marketing strategies and the opportunity of placing the goods and services of your company online through varied channels. 

Interested in payroll in Croatia? Our accountants can offer you this type of service, at advantageous prices. It is good to know that there are a series of procedures, with the help of which employees’ salaries are calculated and distributed. Once the signatures of the managers are received, we proceed to payments of salaries in the firm. We, therefore, invite you to discuss all these aspects with one of our local specialists with experience in accounting.

If you are interested in opening a company in Split,  please contact our team of company incorporation agents in Croatia for help and assistance.